Case 24451

Anne Wade of Hampsted daughter to Sir William Wade. 14 years this next May. Sunday 23 April 1615, 12.50 pm. Taken in her tongue ever since 4 years old & does stumble & stuttle & can scarce bring fourth a ready word. The mother without consent.
This child was sensible at 3 but afterward grew like a changeling senseless & as a natural. Grows well of a pretty stature & countenance good. & eats well & holds down her head much & loves to be solitary. & still is clapping her hands scratching people by the hands & laughs after it & is still in motion stirring & walking & playing with her hands & cannot rest in any place. Yet witless. [Her mother] has had many child & goodly. & many strangely handled. [One] weake in his limbs downwards & dead. Hath a little child of 4 & 5 deaf & Dumb, & a boy of 6 years & he is deaf & dumb & he begins to speak a little of late & hears a little. Another of 9 is lame & goes ill. Widow Bradly suspected & hanged. 6 years since. Widow Hunt also suspected.
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