Case 30527

Mary Assop of Harborough, 40 years. Tuesday 27 January 1607, 9. 30 am. The husband for his wife without consent.
[In chart] Mopish & senseless.
[Treatment information.] Never well since her last child the last Lent which lives still. Prays & calls upon God & thanks him. Her eyesight fails her. [Astrology.] Elisabeth Wakeline kneeled down upon her knees & prayed unto god in her own house before the woman & prayed to God that Mary Austoppe might never have her health so long as she had a tongue to speak again she said the plague of god light upon her & all the plagues in hell light upon her. Her urine dunnish & somewhat blackish with hanes of purulenta materia en fundo [festering matter in the bottom]. Stinking strong & filthy. Heart hot & eats very well. Almost a year thus. The woman was at her travail thus cursing her & said although I have not my wish one way yet I have it another way.
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