Case 79174

Mrs Eleanor Aylett of Magdalen Leaver. Tuesday 7 October, 1634, 9.45 am. For her self & her child. She sent hither the 22nd of September.
1.Taken with a fainting fit & a chillness. Pained in her teeth & a flushing all over her body. Her cattle grow dry & give not so much milk as they used to do. Suspects Elizabeth Spacy most.
2. Her child which is 5 years old has a sore grown upon her back which does run & has been thus this month. Desires something for it.
3. Her son which is 6 years old was taken in the night & his eyelids drawn away & diverse little knobs like warts on his eye lids. Was very well when he went to bed & was disfigured in one night.
There was a match propounded her for her daughter & it brake off again. Now there is another offered & desires to know the issue whether it will be good to harken to it or no.
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