Case 39163

Mrs Elisabeth Belchar of Gilborough 25 years. Friday 7 February 1612, 2.20pm. 13 years married. Was here in person, Nescio quis oculus [I do not know what eye [bewitches]].
[In chart] She was bewitched & the witches were hanged at Northampton. Nescio quis occulus morbus caducus vel hysterico passio [I do not know what eye [bewitches]. The falling sickness or hysteric passion].
Her brother on a time did grip so sorely about her stomach that she swounded with it. & ever since ill & does swound again still. Head chest & stomach, back, legs, arms, sharebone, & veins do swell. Melancholy causes it to come & will talk & decry all that is in her heart in her sleep.
[Left margin] Head light. Legs continually cold. Metuit veneficium [fears witchcraft]. A sinking & pricking of her heart.
Is pined & consumed. Her throat swells. Her chest swells. Two veins under, gryping about her neck, before her sickness does take her, do swell.
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