Case 79115

Mrs Eleanor Aylet of Magdalen Laver in Essex, 43 years. Wednesday 9 July 1634, 7.45 am. Came her self. July 9 Wednesday 7.45 am 1634. Suspects witchcraft.
[Chart.] [Astrology.]
Elizabeth Spacy in high rowding near Anthrop Hall.
Richard Pavitt & his wife Rebecca of Leaden Roading
Parnel Sharp
Anne Matthew of Harlow
Jeffrey Holmes & Joan & her Mother Joan Dowsett
Very much troubled in her head & a dazzling in her eyes. Fumes ascending from the stomach causing those distempers. Urine good but with a great white sediment. Aches with a weak back.
[In margin] Rheumatic, subject to cholic & phlegm.
Troubled many times with a flushing heat. Yet of a pale complexion. Fainting many times by fits which takes her from the soles of her feet to the crown of her head. Sometimes more vehemently than others. Sleeps not well. Sometimes costive. Was taken so ill first in child bed & yet hath had 9 children since. Was ill before the death of her first husband who was an Aylett too. Witchery suspected. Husband, daughter & her self & her cattle that they can neither make butter nor cheese, it smells very ill.
[Charm/treatment note: orao. dne ora ante venificiu & that any thing.]
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