Case 11651

Matthew Tedder of Newport 39 on the 22nd of March next following. Monday 28 August 1589, 9.49 am. Has had a Disease following him any time this twelve years. He has the running of the reins which weakens [continued next column] him so sore that he can scarce stand. His back exceeding ill. Much troubled with it for this half year.
[In chart] This man has the piles etc. with boils & itch. Pocks, piles, & running of the reins.
I gave him for the first time half an ounce of the electuary of roses. Therefore the second time half an ounce of hamech with 5 grains of stib, 5 of scammony. Then I willed to take for the third time of the syrup [of] roses endive succory [vio]let & fumitory each an ounce, of the waters of purslane plantain endive violets 3 ounces. [Under chart] Item: to make a plaster of crabs boiled & sodden to pap & when it was cold to lay it plasterwise to his back. Sometimes to wash it with rosewater & wine vinegar & deer’s dung fried & layed to plasterwise. [Added later: He is well mended & is well.]
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