Case 11817

Elizabeth Whooton of Sherington. Thursday 23 November 1598, 9.30 am. Unmarried. Crazy ever since Michaelmas but took her & handled her very grievously the 16 of November. Enquired of me a remedy. Father for the daughter with her consent.
[In chart] Swelled in her face body hands. She vomits up all.
[Right of chart] Worms troubled. Owes 6d.
She breaks wind upward. She complains of her heart & head & chest as if she were pricked with nails. [Preceding column] I gave her 6 of scammony & 6 of stim & 6 semis of hellebore & 4 ounces of [confection] hamech. Has not gone to ground this week. Her water whitish. She voided worms of her own accord. Belly hoven & hard. Complains of her left side. Hard belly. Nothing will stay but vomits it up.
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