Case 28826

Agnes Soule of Steppingly, 50 years. Friday 26 April 1605, 9.30 am.
Left side ill. A very good water but has a slimy stuff & residence. An aching of her heart. Complains of a great burning over all her body. Her back burns as fire. Shortwinded. No quiet rest but quaking & trembling. Fear & grief. [Illeg.] left her 4 years. A great pain in her back, burning like fire. Can eat but not digest. No appetite. Sweats & is by complexion cold. Costive, not once in 3 days. A giddiness & staggering in her head without pain. Runs into arms legs back & hips & all other parts. A slight taken touching some bargain her husband made but all fell out well notwithstanding.
Edition and image for CASE28826