Case 37866

Mrs Dorothy Rawlings of Stambridge, 31 years. Thursday 18 April 1611, 10.30 am.
[Left margin] Michael: She will mend.
Much troubled after cold taken in her chest which makes her by fits to vomit full of rheum & toothache. Did pull her tooth. Has been much troubled with often swooning & vomiting. The mother & that 8 years since that is gone & now mended. Took physic of me 8 years since & she was quick & knew it not. Had them 5 weeks hence but 3 or 4 days but not so well as heretofore. A tall & a slender woman full of choler. Posset drink made with pennyroyal & did sweat over a close stool & so went to bed. It is of Saturn in Pisces in the 8th house.
[Treatment information: Diaphænicon, electuarium rosarum, of each three ounces, hiera picra half an ounce, syrupi de 5 radicibus two ounces.]
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