Case 38222

Mrs Douglas Foster of Carington, 26 years. Monday 10 June 1611, 10.00 am. [Above: Mrs Elisabeth Blundell wrote in her behalf.] The Lord’s name be blessed.
[In chart] She is with child.
[Left margin] Michael, Rafael: Seems that now no body would take her to be with child. Seems small.
Supposes herself to be with child. Now past her reckoning 3 weeks & has throws gripping in her belly. 3 months troubled with the terms. Mostly feels nothing stirring & therefore wants to know if she is pregnant. If not would take something to break them. It is of Saturn Lord of the 6th & 5th houses retrograde. Troubled with the reds & whites.
[Right margin] Michael: Will mend by god’s grace.
[Treatment information: Conserve Rosarum two ounces, trochisci de terra sigillata one & a half scruple, sanguis draconis one scruple, diascordium one scruple {illegible} one scruple, piluae coralliis one scruple.]
Mrs Blundel’s midwife does not take her to be with child. Nor can feel anything if she be. She is very small as ever one saw.
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