Case 38269

Oliver Carter of Kimolton, 60 years. Thursday 13 June 1611, 9.38 am. Troubled with the stone which has made an ulcer by fretting.
Unspecified angel: It may be cured.
[In chart] The stone, casting an ulcer in the yard.
[Treatment information: Benedicta laxat, electuary rosarum, of each three ounces, diacatholocon one ounce, syrupi de 5 radicibus one ounce, aqua saxifraga, aqua raphani, of each one and a half ounces, hiera picra six ounces, a formulation of mallows & chamomile with a [illeg.]]
He cannot make water but with great pain & little at a time. Ill ever since Easter by fits. An ulcer bred in the yard. Letting of blood stays the rheum & all other humors that bred the stone.
Michael: This course by god’s grace will help others & him also.
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