Case 38479

Goody Algate, a succourless woman, at great Gyddin in Huntingdonshire, 47 years. Saturday 27 July 1611, 9.00 am. & has a great charge of children. Buried her husband at beginning of Lent & she has swelled in her left arm & hand & cannot lift it up.
[Left margin] Somewhat mopish.
A fortnight afore Easter & has continued ever since & has no feel in it & the use of her legs is gone from her & cannot get her living & is mopish. Never had them [menses] since Shrovetide & has the whites often. Had her face swelled. She will mend for the time but will fall back again.
[Treatment information: Confectio hamech, diaphænicon, of each three drams, electuarium rosarum one dram, decoction three ounces, pilulae cochiae one dram, alhandal, diagridium, of each three grams, ox gall, neatsfoot oil, aqua vitae boiled.]
[Left] Asariel: will not be cured.
Had a boil & put a cerecloth to it & that drew up the humours.
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