Case 38692

Barbara Hopkins of Pitchlie, 28 years. Wednesday 11 September 1611, 3.15 pm.
Complains most of her belly with a gripping ever since Whitsuntide. Most by fits. Colic.
[Name of angel in binding]: Will mend by god’s grace.
[Treatment information: Diaphænicon five drams, pulvis hiera picra and sancti, of each half an ounce, saxifraga, chamomile, of each one ounce, decoction two ounces.] Quaerit an sit gravida [asks whether pregnant].
Raphael: Is not.
Fears consumption.
[Treatment information: Conserve Rosarum one and a half ounces, theriaca [illeg.] half an ounce, diagalangae one scruple, theriaca Andromachi half a dram.]
[Right column] Troubled with the wind colic. Faint & short winded.
Michael: She is but a week gone with child & will die about 24 weeks hence.
Thinks herself not to be with child. If it were so, she thinks that she is near her time of quickening. Was very lame that she could not go nor rest for the extremity of pain & ache. Feels a rumbling in her belly. Is lame still but a little mends. Has had an extreme scouring a great while.
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