Case 53754

Ralph Winterton, fellow of King’s College. Sunday 24 March 1622, 5.20 pm. A rare young man for learning, studiousness & strictness of life. Mopish, melancholic, fell ill by overmuch study & that a knight entraining him to ride to his home & even promising him 30l per annum put him no man can yet learn the cause after a quarter of a year. His father sent for him. 23 years August 26, 3.30 pm.
[In chart] Mopish. Went to drown himself. Miraculously preserved.
He assayed to drown himself the Friday sennet before Candlemas day last but was miraculously preserved. Deep melancholy. Has taken much physic. Never the better.
Sometimes he calls upon God & trusts in Christ’s mercy, other times says that he is born the child of perdition.
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