Case 71200

Margaret More [of] Colmworth by [St] Neots, 42 years. Friday 7 January 1630, 11.30 am.
[Left of chart] Proud of her knowledge, skillful in script.
[In chart] Mind troubled & brain distempered.
[Right column, much in margin]
[Left column] Will rise out of her bed to pray. Will not be kept down.
Is much [distem]pered in brain. Sleeps well. Eats indiff [in binding].
[Left column] Sweats much in her hand. Overstudied herself. All given to prayer. Quakes & shakes. Makes little water.
[Right column, much in margin]. Conscio[us] she sh[ould] die & [in binding] to heave[n].[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE71200