Case 79149

Sara Major of Blaxeley 18 years. Thursday 7 August 1634, 1.30 pm.
She was born 1 March 1616 at 2 of clock in the morning being Thursday. Vide Mrs Elisabeth Jennyns. Burns much. Complains of a pain in her sides & back. Urine good. Body costive. Was first taken making of hay & lying against a haycock where she felt something to prick her back & again the next day the like. Sometimes one bone in her back came forth & would slip in again & sometime another, at other a third joint & slip in & out again. Took purgations of one Mr Lapworths & Dove & Rawlins of Daventry, an Apothecary, which wrought 10 days together & she is very weak after it. Was at Bath yet grows worse & worse. Is very weak. Has sweating fits & cold fits. Has of late suspected some ill body that has bewitched her. Elisabeth Wickins & Em Taylor her daughter suspected. She is gone into Essex. She came oftentimes to houses.
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