Case 52206

Old Mr Edwards, his daughter in law. For his oldest dead son’s daughter [he means wife] at Henlowe in Bedfordshire, 34 years. Wednesday 28 March 1621, 7.45am. A widow much troubled in her hearing. [Left] A good urine but much whites.
[In chart] Hearing bad.
Unwilling to take physic. [Left column, astrology.]
Since Saturday her first fit took her with a great wind in her stomach or like the mother. A windy stomach like the mother. She swells & heaves upwards that 3 folks cannot hold her down. This fit continued 3 hours & rested. Then the same night about eleven taken again with another fit but it held her not so long. On Monday the like fit but not as vehement as the first. But yesterday being Tuesday about eleven in the forenoon as vehement a fit as 4 women could not hold her down & made her shake as a woman bewitched.
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