Cases 33877, 33879

Case 33877
Jane Dickerson of Hartwell, 27 years. Monday 25 July 1608, 9.30pm. Her first fit.
[In chart] Took grief for one that did love her. & Married another. Falling sickness.
Burned that day, & after a great heat took cold. Head ache & tooth ache. Did take grief touching one that she loved & did mock her & now is married about a year since.
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Case 33879
Jane Dickerson of Hartwell now of Sawcy Forrest, 27 years. Thursday 4 August 1608, 1.45 pm.
[In chart] Falling sickness.
On monday was sennet [seven nights] at evening late had a sore fit.
[Between lines] Face does swell.
July 25 the first fit betwixt 9 & 10 at night. Has them very well.
[Treatment information.]
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