Case 51281

Mr Fettyplace his urine brought Saturday 22 July 1620, 3.20 am.
His man sine consensu [without consent]. Urine red & aguish.
Not a week since furious & struck his servant & made him black and blue & then told him that now he will fight no more & said that he will have his wench Anne & wishes that he had her. Urine red & aguish. 1. A cooling clyster.
Continued MS Ashmole 414 f. 187r.
7 August 1620. Whether good for Mr Fettyplace to marry the poor maid his mother’s maid though but poor or to continue still foolish and idle-headed for lack of one.
Purge him well with vomits or purges or clysters or all and leeches and then let him marry where his mind is set.
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