Case 12907

Catherine Wels of Buckingam, 23 years. Thursday 20 December, 1599, 9.30 am. Vexed as she says with a spirit & dares not to ride lest seeing the water she should fall into it. Sent unto me. Troubled this 3 years. Married & has a child a year old.
[In chart] Haunted, tempted to kill herself or her child.
Worse for that her husband makes small reckoning of her. Asks whether it be not good to let her blood because she is full of blood. [Astrology.] Goes ad secessum bene [goes to stool well]. She thinks some evil spirit to be within. Tempted either to kill her self or her child & therefore when she sees a knife she flings it away. Cannot abide to take any potion to drink because it had once made her mad. But will eat anything.
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