Case 17245

Alice Weatherhead a widow of Olny, 38 years. Tuesday 15 June 1602, 9.40 am. Will know whether she shall live or no.
[In chart] Died on Saturday morning about 2 of the clock.
This woman sent herself. Has been ill this fortnight. Her memory senses gone & talks much of the Devil that he is in her mouth & will carry her away with her. Had two women to keep her which have given her over. Light headed. Now a little come to herself. Would know whether she shall live or die. Very hot in her chest. Nothing quenches her desire. This day Amy Bryant told me of a shepherd called William Ashby of Olny that in his sickness said that there was no God this 26 years. Her urine good. Alice Weatherhead of Olny. Extreme hot in her stomach.
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