Case 47095

Joan Ekins of Raunce, 25 years. Friday 17 July 1618, 9.30 am.
[Left] Joan Ekins of Raunce, 26 years. Friday 17 July 1618, 9.30 am.
The 9 of July was taken suddenly taken & began to speak idlly & has done so ever since, talking of the devil & says that she has given away her soul to the devil & says he has a lease of her life. Is grown very furious. Urine good. Full of slimy residue. Child was christened. Her boy was christened on Candlemas day last was twelvemonth. [Treatment information.] This wrought exceedingly with her & made her very sick. Ceph[alic vein] et Saph[enous vein] & pulls down any thing upon her.
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