Case 53759

Mrs Brograve sent me a token. Her husband full of grief for the burning of his house & good[s] & Mr for Mr Edmunds daughter 17 years. Monday 25 March 1622, 4.20pm. Mr Edmund’s daughter.
[To right of chart] Haunted as her father thinks with some ill creature.
[In chart] Mind much grieved & troubled.
This maid is sorely handled about her back & sides & everywhere as if she should be torn in pieces oftentimes by fits since harvest. Now will take nothing. Extreme sick & feeble & lies as one in a trance & will skrike out for half an hour. They think she will die. Is so extreme sick. Looks well in her face & bates not in her flesh. Was pretty well until a week since. Urine indifferent good. Witchery suspected. Is as one haunted. [Treatment information]
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