Case 42653

Catherine Persival of Old Stratford, 18 years. Wednesday 15 November 1615, 2 pm.[Chart.]
Urine good. A month since ill for 3 nights. Taking her as soon as she is in bed in her sleep & then struggles with her hands & is in a great sweat. Talking of the white & black witch & that they would make her a witch. Her eyes open talks & dances in her sweat & they did bind her for fear of mischief. Dwelt in Bradden with Mrs Matthews whose child died as is thought to be bewitched.
[Left column] Jane Gayton suspected. Had a thing in her throat. Ready to stop her wind. Still cries out of a witch. [Treatment information.] Can take no rest. Never had them.
[Right column] Ill in her mind & thinks that she meets with the witch.
Can scarce speak but catch & scrat[ch] lying on her right side. Is tormented. But on the other s[ide] will dance.
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