Case 15411

Sibill Fisher of Cokenho, 24 years. Monday 1 August 1603, 12.15 pm.
[In chart] Light headed.
Light headed, laughs but at first took it with a weeping. Looks ghastly. A fleering [grimacing] look sets her teeth. One night did nothing but swear and curse.
[Top right of page] Sibill Fisher she knows not of her husbands coming for her, knows nobody. They bind her hands and feet. When she is loose she is so strong that they cannot deal with her. Sings idle songs. Desires to dance. She had 2 midwives. The first unskilful. The 2 forward & would not meddle with her because she was not first sent for, suspected to be a witch. The woman well layed, but a week after fell into these fits & at first speaking of her 2 midwives said what did you there with your black hen & such like speeches.
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