Case 56863

Edward Cleaver of Stoe of 9 churches, 50 years. 9 August 1623, 7.00 am. Was present.
Jane Parbery suspected who confessed that she had a puppy did suck her a twelvemonth since & better after he had said god be thanked for his food. An ill motion came into his mind saying ‘kisse myne arse’. & since daily tempted ever after his praying then an ill motion comes into his hart to say Sir head giddy & when he is over calling & praying to god then he is sorely tempted with profane & ungodly thoughts & sometimes with an inward smiling & laughing in his heart. [Treatment information, including vomiting lozenges, a purge, a pomander about his neck.] His motions in his seeming doe rise from his fundament upward. Urine very aguish.
[Treatment information.]
[Next page] Tempted with ill thoughts against god & a continually crying. Urine aguish. Continually praying & still tempted with profane & unreverent thoughts against god which do mightily torment him. Cannot rest nor follow any business. His ill motions do seem to arise from his fundament. Has had 2 vomiting lozenges, one purge & 4 a pomander. Was 7 times let blood in one year.
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