Case 55480

Mrs. Hanger 30 miles from Steapington, 55 years the first Friday in Lent. Tuesday 7 January 1622, 2.40 pm.
Upper lip it was cut a little after Whitsuntide about midsummer. Otherwise Mrs. Edwards Knights daughter at Piddington.
[Right of chart] Full of fond fancies before in her throat now since in her lip, & says that she is punished for marrying of Dr. Hanger a parson. A woman otherwise wise enough.
[Left margin] She did strive to harm or drown herself.
[In chart] Her upper lip. Hypochond[riac] passion.
[Left margin] A good urine but thin with [the] whites. Had a fall.
Her upper lip vexes her very much & yesterday pimpled & red but never before. It used to burn & itch & she scraped it & bled & was for pain unpatient. It began of a wheal last mid-Lent. She applied morning water & it blistered & after mended looking red. Is very unquiet & troubled in mind by reason of her lip only as she says. Had physic at Cambridge a month. Had a purge of me & was let blood under the tongue & arm. Yet never the better. A diet drink.
[Top right of page] Dr. Allat gave her a cooling drink to take morning & evening & also syr. August. Weep take grief chide & very import & says that everybody hates her. Her urine good but thin. No sediment.
[Following page] [Treatment information.] Much decayed in her body. Had plasters for her feet & temples & ointments. [Treatment information.] Cannot abide to see knives. Will hide herself.
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