Case 11071

Agnys Olny of Tebbath in Chalbrook parish. Friday 25 July 1600, 8.30 am.
Had a bad midwife. [Astrology.] It is of Jupiter in Leo and Mercury in Leo. Hot in her body full of aches cannot hold her water. Electuary lenitivi half an ounce. Diacatholicon 2 drams.
Sit over a close stool wherein sheeps’ heads had been sodden to stay her water. Her midwife used in great haste a very iron hook to deliver her child & so has harmed her. Has used to bath her body with French mallows, fennel, sheep’s suet & running water. But not the better. A white greasy water. Her water ready to burn her when it comes from her.
A thin plate of lead cooled in vinegar. Red sandalwood, water lilly, parsley, bole armeniac, dragons’ blood, myrtle berries, pomegranate blossoms, myrrh, frankincense. 12 pence.
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