Case 14265

Gryphen Crocker of Little Kymble, 60 year. Saturday 3 December 1603, 9.50 am. His eyesight failed him by little he knows not how. His ground is haunted & treasure is hid there as the report goes. There is heard much music & melody. This Gryphen Crocker has seen lights. The parson of Elsborough 16, 17, 18 years since delivered a note out of a book unto Henry Ginger that now dwells at Wigginton in Hertfordshire, an old man of 80 years. As follows: Elsborough church & Little Kymble church of the right side of the way even against the castle hill there lies of gold & silver & jewels, brass & pewter. A wain load laid in by lord Everet Knotsby & his man at the conquest. This was all that was delivered him in a note, which he lost, willing him to enquire further for he himself saw often a great light which has been seen since by many since his death. & sometimes there will appear a thing like a black hog & very lately seen a white cat with a marvellous long & great tail which ran into a pond. Music heard lately by Crockwell & his wife & children. Henry Ginger within those 2 years when some came to seek this treasure saw a white bullock without ears & horns. & others saw a fair gentlewoman. A lion, an antelope, a friar with a grey cloak cast upon his shoulders. But none could find the treasure.
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