Case 79072

Joan Hawkins of Marson, 43 years. Tuesday 3 June 1634, 10.00 am.
Has been sick these 8 weeks. Pained in her chest, stomach, heart, back. Sometimes pulled & pinched in her belly. Sleeps pretty well. Spits much. Body soluble. Has had a vomit. Was let blood by Dr Bannister’s counsel.
[Astrology; Treatment information, including a clyster and a cordial.]
Their house has been much troubled these 2 years’ space. Something haunting it many nights together yet never did any hurt to them but makes a noise & throws things about & plays many unhappy tricks. Always comes in the night & never heard till the candle be out.
Upon this they removed their house. It followed them & since leaving that it haunts them where they are.
She has but one child & that has been as it were stricken ill. 4 years since & is lame all of one side. Has the falling sickness & dead palsy together.
It had ointments & other things of my uncle & a sigil of tin/Jupiter.
It should seem she has taken much grief at it and some conceit that her house is haunted.
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