Case 11285

Elisabeth Lee of Cublington, 33 years. Monday, 15 September 1600, 9 am. A servant. Her father dyed 2 years since.
Elisabeth Lee of Cublington, nata [born] 1567 [Sunday] being St Andrew’s day about evening prayer, betwixt 4 [and] 4 pm (sic) 1567.
Has been diverse times dissembled with. One made her stay 10 years & departed her & is married. The other, being Mr Fortescue’s grandson, has made her stay for him 9 years and now seems not to care much for her by reason of some false reports. She was likely the other day by the fall of a rotten barn to have been maimed. Has taken much grief. She will not now come to the her friend’s house as he was wont. Has taken much grief.
Let her talk with him September 21.
Consilium gratis [advice free].
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