Case 13098

Florence Tickle of Woulverton, servant to old Mrs Longueville, 19 years. Tuesday 19 February 1600, 1.30 pm. For the green sickness. Pale & white coloured.
An Wilson, young Mr Harry Longueville’s chamber maid, 21 years. Pale & ill coloured. Tuesday 19 February 1600, 1.30 pm.
Florence Tickle’s water very well coloured.
Ann Wilson’s well coloured but hath now white motes & rags.
Sometimes they are not able to go nor fetch their wind. Both faint & feeble & at death’s door. Florence Tickle had not her [w or n, false start on a word?] sickness [menses] never had it all.
Ann Wilson will faint & swoon with it.
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