Case 67498

Anne Edmonds of London, 34 years. Saturday 18 December 1628, 6 pm.
[Right of page, running to bottom] My advice for her falling out with a woman, her landlady, midsummer last a twelvemonth. Fell out with her, & struck her about a sister in law of hers that lived with Mrs Edmonds. She struck her & gave her cursed words & one that followed her boy being 9 months old. Put her boy into a strange fit & so continued a good while & died in the end of the fever fits. The doctors said it was in shifting the boy into another house. Had no more fits for 14 weeks after. Then her lord lady’s sister her maid was warned by her to go out of her service. And Goody Crosse that had gotten her aforetimes & the maid leaving her to come to her old mistress that Goody Crosse that did help her to a service came railing to her & cursing Mistress Edmonds with bitter curses & said that she would make her to repent it for keeping of her servant. So her child fell into these fits again & so continued with 20, 30, 40 fits a day until it died. & the mother Mistress Edmonds dreamed that a woman did bewitch her child & Dr Lamb told her that Goody Crosse had bewitched her boy.
And for herself is fallen into the same fits and craves my counsel. This Mistress Crosse did say that she did no more against her child than what she was set on.
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