Case 16959

Agnes Olny of Tebworth in Chalgrave, 38 years. Wednesday 19 May 1602, 9.45 am. Maritus pro vxore furiosa et insanientem [the husband for his furious and insane wife]. Senseless. Has no use of her wits & light headed.
[Right] A frantic woman. Mad & laughs & misterms.
First had good motions & now worse & worse. About 3 years since delivered of a child which by means of an unskillful midwife perished & rent the woman that she ever after continued lame & could never since hold her water. Upon this day sennet about 12 of the clock she began to wax mad when Sun and Moon came both to be in Gemini & Mercury dispositer of both the lights. A thick muddish water.
[Treatment information, including Latin phrase meaning ‘God for this sick little woman, may Satan be crushed under Christ’s feet, and may my medication be blessed, so that she may be freed from this distraction of mind and also be greatly and powerfully consoled, and with compassion and blessing.’]
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