Case 41833

Elizabeth Whistler of Stoke Hammond, 30 years. Wednesday 10 May 1615, 1.15 pm.
[In chart] She was brought abed yesterday about sunrise.
She was brought abed of a boy which is well but not christened.
The boy was christened on Thursday & died on Friday night.
She complains of her head & brows that one is fain [obliged] to hold her head always.
She had a fall on her right shoulder on Michaelmas last from a horse & now applied bucks [rabbits] to her side upon stitches which she felt. & have also applied a rose cake with treacle & aquavitae warmed & sallet oil. But she feels no ease nor can take no rest.
Was ill on Monday last. Much urine but thin like well water.
Her pain took her when she was with child.
[Interpolated] Fully faced & red coloured.
Her flesh casts.
Fears a bad woman called Goody Parker.
Goody Gadstone cries out of this widow Parker.
Has her terms but now & then.
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