Case 45822 and Case 45823

Case 45822
Mary Boddington of Turvey, 26 years. Friday 5 December 1617, 9.45 am. She mended.
[In chart] Swoons often.
Tempts and says that the devil tempts her to kill herself.
Quaerit utrum mortem evadet [asks whether she shall escape death].
A hoarse cough.
Hot & dry. Cannot rest.
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Case 45823
Brought abed upon Saturday last at twelve at daytime. Saturday 29 November 1617, 11.40 am.
Bleeds at the nose. Cannot rest. Is so pained & vexed. Hot & dry. A hoarseness & cannot rear [bring up] anything.
[In chart] Frantic & brought abed on Saturday.
[Left of chart] A cordial drink did her much good.
Was then brought abed & delivered of a boy & swooned very often until 2 in the afternoon.
Susp. veneficium [witchcraft suspected].
He sent also 2 December 1617, 10 am.
[Astrology, beginning Moon in square to Sun …]
Had a comfort drink for that she swooned & was heart sick.
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