Case 51150

Mrs. Mary Talbot of Saldon, 20 years last Michaelmas. Friday 30 June 1620, 4.4[5] pm.
[In chart] Late abortion.
Has had 3 false conceptions & this last on Wednesday morning with great pain & travail & many throes nothing but a bla[dder] & nothing in it. Has never but [a] few. Used much fasting & also a sparing diet. Enquires the ca[use] & what remedy.
[Left margin] Has no proportion or shape of a carrot [?]. Apt to conceive.
The matrix too cold. Full of raw & [in binding] humours that hinder [or] corrupt it.
The first had as it were a pig’s bladder blown a little water & the [in binding] like an afterbirth with some clots [?].
[Next page] Whether this defect proceeds not as well from the husband as the wife. By reason there wants only the shape. Thought good to go to the spa for them both & what I think thereof. What best for diet & hereafter what physic & for the present whether condiment, electuary or lozenges.
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