Case 5247

Elizabeth Parker. Tuesday 24 April 1599, 7.15 pm. Nicholas Parker & his Brother for Besse/ quid incid [what follows] /et quis est pater eius conceptionis [and who is the father of her unborn child].
In this action remember this that follows:
Whitfield how he had her up.
The Smith that used to her.
William Casson how he had her.
Old Wheatly how he did use her.
Captain Riddelsden at Mr Brage’s.
Fardell of Southwark when I sent her to see his wife lying in.
The time that she went to Hackney and she went not thither but to Lambeth with a baker & other fellows & came home drunk.
The time that she went to Fleet Street when I went out to Lambeth in an afternoon & forbade her to go out.
The time that she stayed so long at market.
[Note: Parker had worked as a servant in Forman’s household, they had a sexual relationship, and he seems to be supplying the information about her numerous sexual partners.]
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