Case 7744

Mary Blakborowe of Tilshead in Wiltshire, 43 years. Friday 31 May 1633, 7.40 pm.
Matrix ill affected.
About the beginning of December last she miscarried being 18 weeks gone, since which time she has enjoyed indifferent health but she is now fallen dangerously ill. Some think her infirmity to be a quartain, others a hectic fever, both agree that the spleen is much out of order with a great deal of rawness. She is often troubled with the stone, being costive. She is much oppressed with vomiting. Seldom soluble, but when she takes purges, & then with them by reason of her weakness, she is very sick.
[Lengthy treatment information, including clysters, and a substance to be used ‘blood warm, injecting it in a metrinchita into the matrix, every day at 3 in the afternoon for a week together.’]
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