Case 77616

Alice Danford of Densanger, 30 years. Sunday 16 June 1633, 8 pm.
Was safely brought abed by Dr Chamberlain & her daughter also.
Woman & child had safe deliverance.
A widow before he married her & had 2 children by her former husband. & both of them are dead. & she was married to this last husband fortnight before Michaelmas last. The child is dead in her womb.
1. Sneezing powder (2 scruples); pellitory of Spain (2 scruples); diatrium pipereon [species] (1 scruple).
2. Borax; savin juniper; origanum dictamnus; 1 dram each, in 3 papers.
3. Pennyroyal, hyssop (both 1 minim?); aniseed (spoonful); licorice (spoonful); cinnamon (1 dram); ginger (1 dram); in 2 pounds of posset ale.
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