Case 22274

Master Edmond Ibbot of St Neots, 35 years. Friday 25 June 1630, 2.30 pm. Sick since Shrovetide. Utrum veneficium sit passus sit [whether he is suffering witchcraft].
[In chart] Legs broken & yet struck not a stroke.
Urine very good.
Had his leg broken on Shrove Tuesday. The bones came through the skin. Has kept his bed ever since.
Not able to arise ever since.
Has had 2 or 3 surgeons come to him. No good. The dead flesh rises faster than they can cut it down. Puts him to intolerable pain.
Goody Hills suspected for witchery. Wished that he might break his neck or leg & that his brother should be hanged. & killing a man he was hanged indeed.
[Left of chart] Sigil Jupiter on Sunday next at 3.15 am 1630.
Edition and image for CASE22274