Case 41868

Anthony Brittain of North Crowly, 57 years. Sunday 15 May 1615, 10 am. A butcher. An ill living man. He fled away with men’s money & ran away beyond sea & was ever so vexed & tormented that he was forced to come again & to confess it & since is taken that he can scarce speak well & is taken all of one side that he has little use of it especially of his hand & can go. He can go & came hither & can speak though not plainly.
Was counted an honest man before & was by a proud son of his persuaded to run away with others [sic] men’s monies.
[Treatment in five steps: a purge, an oil of some sort, bloodletting, and a tin/Jupiter sigil on the neck, and ‘good counsell to serve God & he shall amend.’]
A good urine but full of gravelish stuff. Right arm and right cheek taken & has little use of it. Can speak little or nothing to be understood.
[Added later:] He mended not but died.
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