Case 5493

Jean Wintch of 25 years, born under 52 latitude 19 longitude, Saturday the 30 January 1574 at 2.00 pm. [Above] Asks on Monday 11 June 1599, 2.00 pm quid sibi accid in futuro &c. [what will happen to her in the future etc.]
Whether she has been with child & how many children she shall have & quid sibi accidet [what will happen to her]. Oriental[is] dat filios [planet east/rising gives sons]. [Astrology] signifies many children.
She may have two children but they will die & not live long. It seems she shall conceive 4 times. The 1 a man child and the 2 a man child, the 3 a man child, the 4 a man child. But they will hardly live or come to good and if any of them come to good they shall hate their father and have much strife with him yet they shall be gentle and mild in words but much envied of base people and evil in deeds.
And she shall have much strife care and sorrow about her children. And the children shall die young. If they live they shall be evil & yet carry a fair face.
[Right] [Astrology.]
She shall meddle with base persons which shall prove her enemies & she shall have much trouble about them and she shall be wretched and have much care in the end of her life and her enemies shall prevail against her.
She shall hurt her husband.
It seems she conceived first at 23 years & when she is 26 years she shall conceive again.
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