Case 2294

Elizabeth Borase of Horsy Downs, 40 years. Tuesday 16 August 1597, 8.25 am. Herself sent.
She supposes her self with child, but I think it is not so. Of 12 weeks & 2 days, but I think it is putrefaction in her matrix. With much pain of the reins, ready to vomit. Pained head, belly. She proved shortly after not to be with child.
Edition and image for CASE2294

Case 513

Mrs Clark utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant]. Friday 2 July 1596, 8.00 am.
Her urine sprinkles freshly but she should not be with child by her urine but stopped. But she is with child by the sign & conjunction of Saturn & Venus & has gone 14 weeks. She was not as it proved.
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Case 1932

Jean Brown of 40 years. Tuesday 21 June 1597, 10 am. Utrum sit gravida nec non [whether she is pregnant or not].
She seems to be with child by Moon in 5° and yet she has her course every month. But because Moon does approach to the square of Mars in the 8th house it seems she will strain herself and spoil it. She has gone between 9 and 10 weeks.
Edition and image for CASE1932

Case 1994

Joan Band, 27 years. Friday 1 July 1597, 11.00 am. Diz [the nature of the disease]. Herself [asks]. Ratlif. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant].
[Right of chart] Try this. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant].
[Astrology] ergo gravida [therefore pregnant]. This woman supposes herself with child & there is a great presumption of it because Venus is lady of the ascendant and is applying to Saturn, lord of the fifth house. But she is pained in the reins, belly & stuffed in the stomach. Of Jupiter in Gemini, Moon separating from Mercury. She is not sick. And she has not her course but it seems she will be with child shortly. She is with child of 7 weeks.
Edition and image for CASE1994

Case 1249

Julian Wilson, 50 years. Friday 18 February 1597, 11.35 am. Diz [the nature of the disease]. Herself [asks] et utrum sit gravida [and whether pregnant]. At the Swan in St Katherines.
She says she is with child and hath but 12 days to go.
Edition and image for CASE1249

Case 177

Mrs Braddedge, 38 years. Tuesday 27 April 1596, 6.15 am.
Diz [the nature of the disease]. Et quando parit et utrum sit gravida vel non [when she will give birth and whether pregnant or not].
She has been in labour often & yesterday was in travail all day & then she had a show of her courses came from her & at night her travail ceased again & I judge that she is not with child but has some mole of the matrix or false conception which will come from her some 5 days hence or else some fortnight hence.
Edition and image for CASE177

Case 27618

Alice Chivoll of Great Woolstone, 32 years. 21 June 1606, 9.39 am.
Back ill. Back & belly as a woman that has throws. Her urine good. Motes, gravel.
Never well since she was laid of her last child. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks if pregnant]. Had 2 child. Has a mind to [smudged].
Has not had them these 16 weeks.
Counts she should quicken with[in] about 3 or 4 weeks. So is by fits as a woman in travail. Very fearful.
Arguit eam esse gravidam [shows her to be pregnant].
[Bottom left] Vide Alice Chivoll Whitsuntide was twelvemonth. Was with child.
[Treatment information.]
She was with child & was afterward brought abed & had 2 children at a birth.
Edition and image for CASE27618

Case 272

Agnes Painter of Whetstone beyond Highgate, 21 years. Tuesday 11 May 1598, 6.20 am. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant].
She has a fever and is fretful. It is in her stomach. Like to vomit often & in the reins. She has not her courses. Pained heart, reins. She will have the green sickness. She is not with child. Her water sprinkles very much. But yet by judgment of this figure she seems to be with child. This wench was well enough but she was supposed to be with child. She was very big.
Edition and image for CASE272

Case 42629

Elisabeth Leach of Caucot otherwise Caldecote, 43 years. Wednesday 8 November 1615, 9 am.
Quaerit an sit gravida necne [asks whether she is pregnant or not]. Has been bigger & bigger ever since midsummer & is grown bigger and bigger as a woman great with child. & yet has her terms every month. Has a few. Her breasts leak. Very desirous to know whether she have not a tympany bred on her.
Much troubled with wind & great pain in the lower part of her belly.
Did vomit with [?] last night. Complains of her back. Share very sore. Breasts leak.
[Astrology, including conclusion that she’s not pregnant.]
Edition and image for CASE42629

Case 587

Alice Sampson, 26 years. Thursday 22 July 1596, 7.00 am. Mr Spidells maid. Diz [the nature of the disease].
She should have much pain in the head heart & belly. But she seems to be with child. Her urine sprinkled a little & did cast as if she were with child. & pained stomach, rheumatic and has taken grief. And has not her course in order but is like to vomit. She says stoutly she is not with child.
Edition and image for CASE587

Case 491

Dorothy Headlowe, 22 years. Mrs Lockley’s maid. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant]. Monday 28 June 1596, 1.00 pm. The mistress made the question without consent of the maid.
She is with child about 38 weeks. She was delivered Thursday 8 July & the party did marry her before she was delivered.
I examined the maid about 2 the same day. And she confessed she was with child and who it was that lay with her one Richard.
Edition and image for CASE491

Case 6311

Mary Watson, 17 years. Thursday 8 November 1599, 12.20 pm. Utrum sit gravida necnon et quid inde sequitur [whether pregnant or not and what would follow]. Herself sent.
She was with child but it perishes and consumes in her womb by ill drinks and medicines she has taken & yet she will take more medicine. But meddle not thou with her lest ill come of it. For if the conception proved she would be quick the 18 of November. Give her nothing till the 14 of this month then prepare & purge.
Edition and image for CASE6311

Case 6234

Mary Watson, 17 years. Wednesday 24 October 1599, 11.00 am. Diz [the nature of the disease].
Pain in the head ready to vomit often & pain & fullness of her stomach and a pain in the bottom of the belly like stitches and she is with child. And it will perish or she will die thereof for it seems that physic will kill her.
Edition and image for CASE6234

Case 300

Dorothy Midnol of 21 years. Saturday 15 May 1596 10.40 am. Utrum sit gravida [whether pregnant]. Set it at a 11.
[2 charts.]
Her urine sprinkles and she is much stopped & has not her course this 14 weeks. But I suppose her with child but either of some false conception or some sudden alteration of her body will follow.
Edition and image for CASE300

Case 20484

Luce Basell of Olnye, 40 years. Sunday 28 February 1602, 4.40 pm. Had not sickness [menstruation] till 8 or 10 weeks since. She cannot keep her meat ever since this sennet [sevennight]. Comes up, shakes and burns with cold. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks if she is pregnant]. Urina mediocris coloris [urine of a mediocre colour]. Jane Drubb did curse her, and presently had a calf that foamed and died. Beat hard against the ground. Taken grief and fear by the woman.
With child.
Edition and image for CASE20484

Case 2508

Susan Sims in Phillip Lane of 24 years. Wednesday 14 September 1597 4.00 pm. Utrum sit gravida necnon [whether pregnant or not]. Herself came.
She seems to be gravida of 7 months but the foetus I judge will not come to good. & either she has a mole & a foetus or two shapes in her body. Of Saturn in Scorpio, Moon separating from Jupiter. False conception.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE2508

Case 62118

Mrs Nameless beyond Bedfordshire, 30 years. Unmarried. Francis Ablestone, a waiting gentlewoman. Friday 21 April 1626, 7.30 am.
[Right of chart] She took diverse things to cause abortion of diverse means but none would do. I gave her nothing.
Was in love with one. Is by child with him & he is fled to Ireland & she leaving Dunstable goes into Bedfo[rd].
Edition and image for CASE62118

Case 18510

Isabel Foster of Densanger, 18 years. Saturday 8 January 1603, 10.15 am.
[In chart, added later] Proved with child & died in child bed & her child also.
Menses obstructed this quarter of a year. A pulling about her heart. Faint that she cannot go. Looks very white and pale. Cannot take her rest. So full of pains. Many times great pain of her head. Also vomits.
[Added later:] Took much physic to destroy the fruit of her womb. Delivered of a very poor child dead.
Edition and image for CASE18510

Case 30804

Anne Gadstone of Rawnson, 27 years. Sunday 8 March 1607, 12.00 pm. Chest, pit of stomach & back & has not her terms this 3 months. Head & eyes red.
[Bottom left] [In chart] Proved with child & would have destroyed it but could not god be thanked.
[Right of chart] Anne Gadstone of Ranson 27 years. Sunday 8 March 1607, 12.00 pm.
Anne Gadstone was let blood March 22 4.50 pm 1607 in arm & foot & yet god be thanked miscarried not but proved with child. Took [treatment information. Gratis]. God be thanked it did not hurt her. But proved with child.
Edition and image for CASE30804

Case 27010

[supplied] Dr Shephard of London. Thursday 27 March 1606, 6.20 pm. per litteras quaerit [asking by letter].
Dr Shephard of London & Sarah his wife. Thursday 27 March 1606, 6.25 pm. His wife for physic & to cause fruitfulness. Also whether their father will like of the marriage betwixt her sister Martha Hall & Benjamin Barlowe. Both parties agreed but Martha fears lest her father will break it. The doctor quae plaga caeli commodior ad divitias acquerendas [asks which area of the sky is more fitting for the acquisition of wealth].
Best for him to dwell god willing towards the south part or west from London in any town or city of note.
Edition and image for CASE27010

Case 21091

Alice Woodward of Stoke Hammond, 38 years. Thursday 19 April 1604, 12.45 pm.
[In chart] Proved with child. As I think quick.
Much pain in her back. The whites much. Right side & the back. Has her red ones. Has taken much grief for that she had 7 children at full time & yet born still all saving her first. Stomach sides back. A great looseness ever since Shrovetide. Turns now of late to be red. Fears the bloody flux. Never had a child on this ground where now she dwells but in Brickhill she had one. Fears the ground to be ill.
[Right column] Takes her sometimes as if she dies in every place. Head legs arms.
Had a child on Hallowtide but stillborn. Cannot quiet her mind because she has not the like fortune that other women have. Fears Alice Colman. Urine yellowish with white dregs.
Edition and image for CASE21091

Case 46577

Judith Honour, his wife of Milton Harnesse, 45 years. Thursday 7 May 1618 4 pm.
Married 23 years. Never had any terms at all in her life time & therefore no child. Fully faced, complexion sanguine. Twice let blood on foot in diverse places & is never sick but they lie in her back & legs & make her to go halting. So a long time.
Edition and image for CASE46577

Case 10145

Utrum habebit filios [whether she will have any children]. Mrs Smith of Parsnam, 18 years. Married half a month. For the wind colic. Monday 10 March 1600, 3.30 pm. No child whether [leaves off].
[In chart] Because she has no children.
Whether she shall have children. Stomach & heart. Has a gnashing in her left side as if her liver did grow to her side. Troubled also with a wind colic. Ready to swoon as one that has the green sickness. 2s. Will take no physic.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE10145

Case 13646

Elizabeth Fawnes of Cranfield, 29 years. Tuesday 5 April 1603, 11.12 am.
[In chart] Troubled with the reds & whites. Much grief.
A patch of white matter grew in her urine, otherwise being of good colour. Married 14 years, never had child. Has taken much grief by reason her husband, the parson of Cranfield, has been long in law and has been s[o] much smayed. Has the whites that trouble her much & has the other that follow her exceedingly. A tall visage & of white paleish complexion. Asks whether she shall have children & the cause of her barrenness.
Edition and image for CASE13646

Case 63064

The Countess of Sussex. Frances Suite by her former husband but by her father Mutes. 38 years. Thursday 9 November 1626, 2 pm. The Earl her husband.
[In chart] Nothing continued neither could I pleasure her. Omni pess[im]um ibant. All things turned out for the worse. Nothing prospered.
[Astrology.] Supposes that she is now [with] child. Married 2 years & 3 quarters & always supposed that she had been with child but was not yet. Had milk in her breast. Had one daughter by her first husband. Supposes that her husband & she are hurt by ill tongues. Has them every month indifferent but watery. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks whether pregnant].
Edition and image for CASE63064

Case 14192

Frances Hulse of London, a poor goldsmith’s wife. Brave & fine. Married 5 years. Monday 17 October 1603, 2.45 pm. Quærit utrum habebit liberos et quali fortunæ fruetur [asks whether she will have children and what her fortune will be]. Boarding in Sir Edwin Sands’s house. Sun denotans maritum est peregrinus [the Sun, denoting the husband, is peregrine].
[In chart] Loves besides her husband as Mars in the seventh house shows.
A fully faced woman. Bold & little regards her husband. Had a child shortly after.
Edition and image for CASE14192

Case 5493

Jean Wintch of 25 years, born under 52 latitude 19 longitude, Saturday the 30 January 1574 at 2.00 pm. [Above] Asks on Monday 11 June 1599, 2.00 pm quid sibi accid in futuro &c. [what will happen to her in the future etc.]
Whether she has been with child & how many children she shall have & quid sibi accidet [what will happen to her]. Oriental[is] dat filios [planet east/rising gives sons]. [Astrology] signifies many children.
She may have two children but they will die & not live long. It seems she shall conceive 4 times. The 1 a man child and the 2 a man child, the 3 a man child, the 4 a man child. But they will hardly live or come to good and if any of them come to good they shall hate their father and have much strife with him yet they shall be gentle and mild in words but much envied of base people and evil in deeds.
And she shall have much strife care and sorrow about her children. And the children shall die young. If they live they shall be evil & yet carry a fair face.
[Right] [Astrology.]
She shall meddle with base persons which shall prove her enemies & she shall have much trouble about them and she shall be wretched and have much care in the end of her life and her enemies shall prevail against her.
She shall hurt her husband.
It seems she conceived first at 23 years & when she is 26 years she shall conceive again.
Edition and image for CASE5493

Case 10806

Margaret Wilson of Hanslop, 24 years. Married 2 years. No children. Tuesday 10 June 1600, 11.00 am.
Amiss this quarter of this year. Thought once she was with child. Pained in her back. Bottom of her belly. Costive. That which comes from her like the slime of a white of an egg. Offers to go often to the stool but can do nothing. Took grief for that a doctor 3 years since told her she should have no children. Heart sore. Cannot abide her girdle. Has her sickness [menstruation] 3 weeks since.
Edition and image for CASE10806

Case 1862

Susan van Hulste at the Black Bull at Queenhithe, a brewhouse, 33 years. Sunday 12 June 1597, 9.00 am. Diz et utrum habebit filios unquam necnon [the nature of the disease and whether she will ever have children or not].
She has not her courses in order. Much pain in the head, reins, side, shoulders, heart, belly. Of Sun in Cancer, Moon separating from Venus. Much water mixed with the blood & she swells often times in her body.
A false conception first and then [in binding] prepare her, purge her and then with an artificial clyster scour her matrix. Her courses began to come down last the 4 of June & stayed but 3 days and she has them every 5 weeks. Remember to let her have a purge again Thursday 23 of June.
Edition and image for CASE1862

Case 3399

Antonia Yersley in the Old Change. Friday 31 March 1598, 4.00 pm. Disease and whether she shall ever have any more children.
Est gravida [she is pregnant]. Full of water. She is fretful and the child will hardly prove.
Edition and image for CASE3399

Case 29518

Alice Chivoll of Great Woolstone, 33 years. Tuesday 6 August 1605, 7 am.
Feels something to move in her body as if she should have another child. Brought abed this day fortnight at [in binding] & had a daughter w[hich] died after it was [christe]ned on Thursday. Cannot sleep. A great pain in her right leg. Sleepy & it cannot sleep. Water good.
Edition and image for CASE29518

Case 27141

Jane Varney of great Horwood, 29 years. [15 April 1606, c. 10.00 am.] Married 11 years. One child 10 years old. Had one after & abortum. With a continual a gnawing about her heart & right side. Most pitiful. Has them monthly a spot or 2. Troubled also with wind. Pale coloured. Urine good. Head, face, eyes now swelled. About a fortnight since.
Edition and image for CASE27141

Case 62514

She took a fright Thursday 19 January 1626, 4.30 pm. The cause an abortion.
Sat in a chair being weary. The seat fell out & took a fright & complained of her back.
Was sick & casted as if she should swoon.
Was tired.
Edition and image for CASE62514

Case 54872

Goody Wright of Stony Stratford, 29 years. Saturday 31 August 1622, 1 pm. Never had child or mischance before.
[In chart] Aborted at 13 weeks.
Full of pain. Back & belly. On Sunday morning it came from her & abortum praeterebat praterebat sine illo obstetricis auxilio quando ad secessum iverat [she delivered the dead foetus without the help of her midwife having gone to a secluded place]. Cannot rest day nor night. Nothing [in binding] as they thought the after birth came & [in binding] semblance of a child. Water indifferent. A good stomach.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE54872

Case 55381

Mrs. Walcot (Knight) of Yelling, 36 years. Thursday 12 December 1622, 11.30 am. In presence.
Pained in her left shoulder & runs into her arm in the top of her shoulder. Has them well & but lately. It began 4 or 5 days since. Moon in Gemini. Arm shoulder cold. Cannot sleep.
[Left column] A year since had a child, a wench & had bad & hard deliverance. Not well since.
Anointed with sallet oil & neatsfoot oil. Worst when she lies.
She would not be with child because that she did dream it would be deformed & for that she did lie & company with her husband having her flux.
[Treatment information.]
Edition and image for CASE55381

Case 34941

Phillip Eason of Stony Stratford, 28 years. Tuesday 21 March 1609, 2.20 pm. Pained at her heart, chest & breast with pricking. Best fasting. Was 10 weeks without them [menses] & had them. Next Saturday will be a month & then had them three days together in great store[?]. Married six [years]. Had two children at a birth last Magdalene tide one stillborn & the other lived a day & then died. Purges will not work downward but upward. Had a child three years last Allhallowtide & was here & had physic about March & proved with child & was half delivered & the child lives. This woman never had her sickness at all until she was delivered. Never had them neither before she was married nor that year neither until she was delivered. At that time had a vomit & was let blood in both feet & yet did well. A thin white water. Very ill after & used to be costive. Eating. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks whether she is pregnant].
[Left of chart] Very sick after meat & was fain to go to bed.
Edition and image for CASE34941

Case 7744

Mary Blakborowe of Tilshead in Wiltshire, 43 years. Friday 31 May 1633, 7.40 pm.
Matrix ill affected.
About the beginning of December last she miscarried being 18 weeks gone, since which time she has enjoyed indifferent health but she is now fallen dangerously ill. Some think her infirmity to be a quartain, others a hectic fever, both agree that the spleen is much out of order with a great deal of rawness. She is often troubled with the stone, being costive. She is much oppressed with vomiting. Seldom soluble, but when she takes purges, & then with them by reason of her weakness, she is very sick.
[Lengthy treatment information, including clysters, and a substance to be used ‘blood warm, injecting it in a metrinchita into the matrix, every day at 3 in the afternoon for a week together.’]
Edition and image for CASE7744