Troubled in mind

Case 43085

Thomas Chator of Wootton, 30 years. Wednesday 22 March 1616. 3.40 pm.
He sent himself.
[In chart] Much troubled in mind.
Belike [i.e. probably] overcome with drink & th[en?] a woman the hostess told him that if he would kiss her he should have the use of any woman.
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Case 55480

Mrs. Hanger 30 miles from Steapington, 55 years the first Friday in Lent. Tuesday 7 January 1622, 2.40 pm.
Upper lip it was cut a little after Whitsuntide about midsummer. Otherwise Mrs. Edwards Knights daughter at Piddington.
[Right of chart] Full of fond fancies before in her throat now since in her lip, & says that she is punished for marrying of Dr. Hanger a parson. A woman otherwise wise enough.
[Left margin] She did strive to harm or drown herself.
[In chart] Her upper lip. Hypochond[riac] passion.
[Left margin] A good urine but thin with [the] whites. Had a fall.
Her upper lip vexes her very much & yesterday pimpled & red but never before. It used to burn & itch & she scraped it & bled & was for pain unpatient. It began of a wheal last mid-Lent. She applied morning water & it blistered & after mended looking red. Is very unquiet & troubled in mind by reason of her lip only as she says. Had physic at Cambridge a month. Had a purge of me & was let blood under the tongue & arm. Yet never the better. A diet drink.
[Top right of page] Dr. Allat gave her a cooling drink to take morning & evening & also syr. August. Weep take grief chide & very import & says that everybody hates her. Her urine good but thin. No sediment.
[Following page] [Treatment information.] Much decayed in her body. Had plasters for her feet & temples & ointments. [Treatment information.] Cannot abide to see knives. Will hide herself.
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Case 49842

William Jackson of Lowick in Northamptonshire, 45 years. Tuesday 19 October 1619, 10.00 am.
[In chart] Light headed.
By fits light headed. Was taken Sunday sennet in the afternoon. [Astrology.]
Buried a son & took grief for it. & also for his wife that grew idle headed. Himself is idle headed by fits & either he is St David or else the Devil.
[Left margin] His wife is mended prettily. Urine good.
Had somewhat on Wednesday he took but a little of it & was let blood. Cannot sleep. Starts in his sleep. [Treatment information.]
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Cases 63570, 63568

Edward Clark of Haddingham, 25 years. Saturday 7 April 1627, 6.00 am. Mind jealous.
[Over page] Edward Clark sent his water Saturday 7 April 1627, 5.45 am. Sleeps little.
[Left] Sick 7 weeks. Was Married.
After midnight sings curses & swears bitterly. Was let blood in one arm 12 ounces & had a vomit 6 weeks since.
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[Related decumbiture,bottom left.] Edward Clark fell sick Thursday h. 1.30pm 1627. [Astrology.] His wife was brought abed 9 weeks 2 months. The child was alive 3 days & was christened. The Monday three weeks before Lammas about the tenth of July. Longed for something & it had it not & so miscarried.
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Case 13654

John Beech not far from Luton came to me from my house at Linford to London to talk with me & to have my counsel. Monday 18 April 1603, 11.30 am.
[In chart] Mind disquieted but not distracted & healthy but troubled with fear & fancies.
Not sick at all in body but disquieted in mind with fear & dread. Fears evil tongues. Unwilling to have any man beside himself to know of his infirmity giving me great charge thereof. One that talks with him cannot find any such thing in his talk, he talks so discretely.
His disease comes still upon him. No medicine will do him good.
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Case 47857

Goody Kent of Padbery. Thursday 19 November 1618, 9.00 am. Craved something to make her sleep. Much troubled in mind & fears that she shall kill her self as her father did drown him self. Was here present.
[In chart] Tempted often to kill herself. She did drown herself in January.
Mind mightily troubled. Cannot sleep. Is very devout but exceeding fearful. Tempted
[Treatment information.] [Astrology.]
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Case 31759

Margery Turnan of Hogston, 28 years. Tuesday 23 June 1607, 11.00 am. Married 6 years. 4 child, youngest 6 weeks old. Tempted to despair.
[In chart] Mind troubled. Temped to do ill & harm.
[Right of chart] head light [largely lost in binding].
When Margery was but 15 years was tempted & well ever since until this three quarters of a year since.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 28831

Agnys Abbots of Layton parish of the Reach, 62 years. Friday 26 April 1605, 12.00 pm. Idle headed & says every thing is too good for her. Head light. Mind troubled. A noise in her head. A thick puddle water. Has been let blood. She died May eve. It is of Saturn in Sagittarius Moon separating from Saturn.
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Case 29666

Cicely Tomkins of Newnton, 26 years. Wednesday 4 September 1605, 12.00. 2 child, youngest of a year old. Troubled in mind.
[In chart] Tempted to hurt herself. Looks well.
Has not had her sickness [menstruation] a year since nor used to have them. No grief at all but grieved in mind 2 years since & never opened it. A good creature. Never saw any thing. Tempted when she is alone to make herself away with knife. A good creature & speaks well. Merry in company, ill solitary. A corpulent bodied woman. Urine much & good. Took a fear & smay at a friend of hers that hanged herself. Thinks her self a sinner & troubled with filthy words. Looks well.
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Case 45205

Eleanor Burge of Archester, 37 years. Monday 23 June 1617, 10.30 am. With consent. Was present. Very sensible.
[In chart] Much troubled in mind.
Has her terms very well. Ready to despair. 3 sons the youngest 4 years old. Has them very orderly. Head very light as if she had no brains. Had been amiss 3 weeks before on Lady Day in Lent. A very bad stomach. One said to her in her anger that she had the devil in her & since troubled in her mind. Cannot abide her child though she love it exceedingly for fear that she should kill her child. Afraid to have a knife in her hand least that she should either kill her self or her child or friend. Troubled with many wicked temptations very strongly as moving her to swear & to think that god objects against her. She thinks that she is unworthy to eat or drink. Else to do mercy to god herself or any body else.
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Case 49464

Mary Kings of Samford, 31 years. 7 August 1619, 2.38 pm.
[In chart] Desp[airing]. Tempted to hang herself.
Was at Banbury 5 weeks since. Tempted to burn her house. Did set fire in her bedstand of her bed & had burnt at night herself, husband & child all, if god in mercy had not quenched it about 5. Did it as she to burn herself, husband & child, being tempted to do it as she says.
[Treatment information, including 2 sigils of Jupiter.]
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