Selective Index of Things in the Casebooks

This is an illustrative (not at all comprehensive) guide for navigating some of the material in Forman’s and Napier’s casebooks. The listings here refer to material in the judgement and treatment (not transcribed) sections of the case as well as the questions. The questions for the full corpus of cases can be searched, using keywords or facets (see our guides to searching and to the edition), on the main Casebooks website. The results of those searches are not represented in this index. Nor, for the most part, does the index include the content of fully-transcribed cases. Please also search this site using tags/text search for further material.

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marriage/sex/adultery/in laws
pregnancy/fertility/menstruation/childbirth and after/children
homes/domestic apparatus/clothing etc.

speech/speechless/cursing/ill tongues/laughter
sights and sounds/eyes/vision/apparitions

devil/witchcraft/haunted/ill thing

food/eating/not eating/drinking/taste & smell

religion/despairing of salvation/prayer



adultery, infidelity 64584 (committed adultery; Satan suggests to his friend that he would slander him that he is damned for it); 33528 (a wheelwright offered to lie with her 5 years since; sometimes loves him better than her husband; cannot put this thought out of her mind); 51236 (melancholy conceit, suspects his wife to be naught); 4935 (Anne Spaldean for Wilfred her husband that keeps Elizabeth Morishe in Seathing Lane, will he love her for ever or not); 64487 (husband went from her with a whore 3 or 4 years since); 1016 (the husband of the house will desire to lie with her); 3603 (Bess Parker makes love to some base Saturnine companion); 48779 (jealous, furious, mischievous to her husband & to certain women that she thinks that he has been naught with). See also search topic sex, family and generation/fidelity.

in-laws 79135 (took a fright on Easter Eve at some unkindness of her husband’s mother); 79137 (her mother in law has used her very unkindly); 78409 (did miscarry very lately at the unkindness of her father in law); 48942 (beaten by husband; mother in law a great cause of it); 12011 (a grief touching her mother in law); 7580 (whether Samuel Drewitt has pox, the mother in law asks without consent); 47697 (8 miscarriages, mother in law suspected to have bewitched her).

marriage 61352 (husband abuses and slanders her); 69176 (one struck her down with his hand and hurt her with a fork & her husband given much to drunkenness will not take her part); 63590 (husband spending all in ale & tobacco); 49369 (husband little regards her, but knows no reason why he keeps so many mistresses); 77592 (much thinking of a husband); 29049 (refuses any good match, will only consider those who are beggarly or poor); 51934 (dogged to his wife as one haunted with an ill spirit & loves one in the town; beats his wife ill continually); 79137 (has taken a great deal of grief ever since she was married); 52527 (complains of a wearisome life she lives with her husband who brawls & fights with her continually; abuses wife & children take their mothers part); 78303 (married a year & now says she ought to lead a single life); 14854 (cannot abide her husband); 33408 (a wayward husband); 22894 (husband ran away); 15366 (should have had a wife and the breach thereof disquiets his mind); 40609 (parents would not bestow her on a party that she loved); 45641 (took grief that her son did marry against her will, wished that she might see him buried); 69966 (cannot abide her husband’s house but is gone home to her mother’s house); 12841 (husband cares not for her company and has spent her goods); 20139 (discontentment with her husband); 462 (married against his will); 49141 (refusing marriage); 20237 (would not marry her father’s choice, loves another); 23741 (whether more likely to be a cross than a blessing); 12643 (her father’s servant got her with child but her father would not let him marry her); 27010 (whether their father will stop the marriage between Martha Hall & Benjamin Barlow); 27095 (taken much grief touching one that shall be her husband. It was Sir Everard’s man now lately delivered out of prison); 36837 (troubled in mind about his marriage because his friends could not agree about it a good while). See also search topic sex, family and generation/marital relations.

sex 23511 (willing to lie with her husband but will not let him have the use of her body); 77231 (denies her husband the use of her body); 19702 (no sex with wife, only mistress); SF ‘halked’/’haleked’ 443 (Elizabeth Hipwell, in his study); 1134 (Avis Allen); 2096 (Anne Barnes); 2154 (Ellen Flowers, asking about absent husband); 2361 (Catherine Stoe, and 10049 for whether subsequently pregnant) ; 3202 (Anne Churchay); 5526 (Joyce Barinhurst, asking about marital prospects); 5888 (his wife); 8651 (Anne Coudwell, asking about her husband’s disease); SF asking about halking 2470 (whether with Emilia Lanier); 2479 (Lanier, I went and stayed all night but could not hallek) naught 38941 (she has been naught with one); 12319 (was naught with on of her master’s servants that was married).


breastfeeding 66092 (child ill since goody Keburne started coming unbidden into another nurse’s house to suckle the child); 54777 (child would suck teats of others but not hers); 66414 (put them to nurse, her milk does not agree with them); 49078 (wetnurse); 27055 (suckles her child); 11780 (child died for want of milk); 11747 (mother lacks milk); 25811 (milk dried up); 12492 (milk went away after churching); 48912 (dreamed she must not nurse her own child); 13010 (refuses his nurse’s breast); 15761 (has a child of 2 years old sucking on her); 32759 (suckles a child of a quarter); 36079 (her sucking child about six months old); 45459 (a young child about a year old which she is still nursing); 70134 (youngest, 12 weeks, is suckled by others); 42629 (breasts leak); 62500 (husband frightened of allowing wife to suckle child); 70038 (refusing breast). See also search topics medical/women’s matters/suckling and medical/women’s matters/no milk.

childbirth/childbed 66793 (Goody Perce, RN’s servant, brought a bed in the field on Thursday); 79115 (was taken so ill first in child bed & yet hath had 9 children since); 75427 (has not her afterbirth); 69529 (brought abed but the after burden is not yet come); 46133 (3 days in labour, has had 9 children, seven years since the last); 29884 (brought a bed, her child dead pulled away); 39962 (fell Friday last a longing & could not get it, & since fell into labour & cannot be brought a bed); 69694 (daughter brought a bed without midwife or help of women); 79115 (was taken so ill first in child bed & yet hath had 9 children since); 48146 (a great lightning and thunder when she gave birth); 24090 (lunatic in her child bed); 18510 (died in childbed & her child also); 14385 (delivered of a child still born not knowing that she was with child); 46541 (hurt in childbearing); 17035 (2 died in childbed. All died & lived not above 9 days); 45538 (3 children & die always before they come to Christendom); 14384 (delivered of a child stillborn); 40373 (child dead born); 28518 (last child being born 6 or 7 weeks before the time); 37930 (untimely birth, mother sad & melancholy). See also search topics sex, family and generation/childbirth and medical/women’s matters/childbirth complications.

children 66414 (had 10 and 7 died. They live a month and then die); 57733 (gave birth to a hermaphrodite child which lived a week and then died. Christened as a girl); 59988 (had many children, only 2 remaining); 70134 (has had 9 children, youngest 12 weeks is suckled by others); 78310 (has had 21 children); 10607 (7 children); 47521 (has had 9); 11986 (5 children); 35585 (has had 12 children); 21595 (had 6 children); 40909 (5 children); 53272 (10 children); 67572 (has 10 child, had 13); 77724 (child smothered in bed).

fertility 12423 (never had child); 16939 (had no child six years); 13646 (married 14 years never had child); 27010 (for physic & to cause fruitfulness); 34846 (whether ever she shall have child); 46577 (never had terms in all her life & therefore no child); 21729 (married 8 years and never had child, to take something to become fruitful); 5489 (of much grief and putrefaction in the matrix she never had child); 3449 (she will not have any child though she will conceive again. The fault is in the man); 32437 (married 5 years never had child); 35394 (never had child, troubled much, melancholy giddiness); 3112 (matrix not clean); 17958 (married 6 years, never had child); 55490 (something to thicken his seed); 55490 (lacks virility & erection); 18908 (never had child, married 6 years); 51150 (whether the defect proceed not from the husband as well as the wife, since only the shape was wanted). See also search topic sex, family and generation/fertility.

menstruation 79558 (great overflowing of her courses); 22717 (abundance of her sickness); 74168 (has too many of her courses); 34863 (had them not since her child was born); 79529 (courses stayed for 6 weeks & then came down); 34846 (when she hath them they are very black and foul smelling); 71878 (had them every month very well, then stayed 7 weeks, then had a few, then 5 weeks, then 6 weeks, then 14 weeks etc.); 61185 (a great burning flushing in her face with the fumes from her terms not well flowing yet not stopped); 71866 (bleeds often & very much, had them backward); from strange places 12198 (casts black gear like brown black paper like rags, that is her flowers arising); 25200 (breasts); 11280 (has them upward at her nose); 77787 (should have had her courses last week but had them not, they come up at her mouth for she spits blood & filthy matter); 64761 (bleeds at nose & spits a little blood because her terms come upward); 34130 (has them every three weeks, on Thursday last come up at her nose); 12376 (had not her courses this two years, bleeds now & then at the nose); 23627 (her terms being stopped 16 weeks come another way by the fundament voiding a pint every day when she goes to stool); 61108 (her terms revolting upward, she voids up blood in great abundance often times a day at her mouth); 17565 (anus); 22133 (excessive and spitting blood); 18639; 49078; in pregnancy 1109; 49933; 22011; 42629 (whether pregnant); stopped 79671 (6 years since they [courses] left her); 29490 (43 years old, has not menstruated since Candlemas); 20771; 38972 (as indication of pregnancy); 40444 (terms stopped not with child). See also search topic medical/women’s problems/menstrual problems.

miscarriage 78409 (did miscarry very lately at the unkindness of her father in law); 67477 (Saturn lord of 8th in 6th makes her to fear some mischance of her child & withall to fear death); 78493 (hurt on horseback, which some days after made her miscarry); 76258 (safely brought a bed this morning of a dead child is very thirsty & desires small beer); 47697 (lost 8 children & only one came to birth); 6211 (she will have two children and miscarry one of them); 77616 (the child is dead in her womb; had 2 children by her former husband & both are dead); 22876 (child dead within her, has been a week in labour); 29758 (an sit gravida et an vivet necne); 34606 (thinks she is due in a month, the midwife asks whether the child is dead); 40373 (child dead born); 51150 (3 false conceptions, and this last with great pain & travail & many throws, nothing but a bladder & nothing in it. [In chart: late abortion]). See also search topic medical/women’s matters/miscarriage-abortion.

postpartum 77501 (brought to bed 5 weeks since, the child lived but she has been ill ever since, talking idly); 48144 (sorely tempted by satan 2 days after she delivered); 15505 (had a child five weeks ago, thinks she is hurt by ill tongues, cannot abide to have a knife in the house but that her heart rises at it); 34863 (not well since she lay in of her last child); 17302 (2 children, the youngest 2 weeks old tomorrow. Distempered in mind); 41381 (very idle headed a week after her delivery, talks of satan and hoops and hallows).

pregnancy 79126 (knows not if she is with child); 20139 (her mistress doubts that she is with child); 74184 (suspects herself to be with child); 63898 (was not with child); 70978 (she is with child); 3112 (not pregnant, her matrix is not clean); 1816 (she is not with child. If she be she has now 11 weeks and she was brought a bed but 13 weeks ago); 19167 (chart signifies she should be with child); 11805 (suspected with child as I told her but she would not believe me); 27567 (Mrs Uvedale’s maid, great with child); 70978 (she is with child); 79789 (has been with child this 16 weeks gone, shortwinded & finds her body to swell upon it); 10377 (pimpling of face which comes when she is with child); 21328 (denies she is pregnant up to birth); 14385 (delivered of a child still born, not knowing that she was with child); (14116) fall during pregnancy; (35794) lame in pregnancy; proved to be 1328; 13034 (signifies she should be with child); 1010 (seems to be with child); 751; 919; 1080; 49846 (in chart: with child); 10607 (in chart: proved with child); 10852 (in chart: Mrs Rolfe is with child); made pregnant by SF 10049 (SF asks whether she is pregnant now?); 1134 (whether pregnant from it); not pregnant 30863 (fears his wife is not with child); unwanted 18510 (took much physic to destroy fruit of her womb); 30804 (proved with child and would have destroyed it); 44004 (would not be with child); predicted delivery date 7558; 34608. See also search topic sex, family and generation/pregnancy.

quickening 2871 (this woman supposes herself quick with child but I think it is not so); 71878 (quickened she thought a fortnight after Michaelmas); 16123 (thinks herself quick, breasts big, hard & black about the nipples); 40444 (nescit an sit gravida, if so she says she should be quick as she thinks by this time); 16070 (this shows to be the week of quickening 20 weeks); quick 1010; 23786 (in chart); 41708 (in chart); 38250 (in chart).

twins/triplets 26844 (Bridget Charnock 14 y, Rich. Charnock 14 y); 13460; 15816; 22033; 23523 (never had her health & yet her sister a twin with her was never sick); 12011 (delivered of two children at a birth); 47852 (3 boys at a birth, all christened and all died); 13372 (Will. & Henry Lane, twins); 22330 (2 child at a birth); 27618 (was with child & was afterward brought a bed & had 2 children at a birth); 35227 (Mrs Leate brought a bed of two wenches).


clothing 72701 (robbed of all her clothing & linen by a rogue that broke into her house); 15285 (continually tormented and his clothes pulled off his body); 54360 (tears his clothes); 45572 (at night renting & tearing his satin garments); 50380 (put on a shirt not aired one morning); 49923 (so swollen he can scarcely do up his clothes); 13491 (can scarce remove her clothes); 21327 (scarf lost); 40813 (stolen apparel); 40432 (cannot keep her clothes on her back); 3005 (Bess Jonas for her clothes); 5988 (Bagly for his clothes); 1993 (tunic); apron 14259 (stolen); 19696 (stolen lawn apron); cloak 36870 (lost); 1963 (pro pallio); 77418 (cloak stolen); 39708 (cloak costing 32s 4d); corsets 12066 (over strait laced); 11747 (must unlace her coats for wind rising in her); doublet 2191 (in which SF’s missing lamen was found); 8796 (duploid, taken away in the night); 8791 (a woman has stolen it); 8808 (thief confessed); 78413 (doublet and pair of hose stolen out of coffers); garter 47212 (taken betwixt her gartering & kneepan ); 21595 (takes garter to make herself away); 6646 (SF’s lost yellow garters); 2515 (SF’s garters); girdle 7614 (SF’s wife’s; does Sibill have it); gloves 49730 (pair of gloves and velvet mittens); 53266 (2 pairs of gloves); stockings 11043; 11066 (stolen).

cosmetic 43990 (a water mundicative to make her look young); 36946 (a bottle of water cosmetical, ointment cosmetical); 48215 (to thicken his shedding hair); 41522 (comb).

house 1805 (whether he shall have her & the house or the house without the woman or no house at all); 49464 (attempt to burn house, husband, child and self); 33573 (house and horses burned); 77078 (house haunted); 16172 (housing problems); SF, whether to take the house 138; 420; 669, 1263; broken into 26655 (beds, bolsters, blankets taken away); 3270 and 3271 (SF’s); 78413.

households/living arrangements 19094 (a woman who dwelt in the house with him that a year before he knew her had a child, they of the house mocked him with her); 79280 (fears ill tongue; suspects Goody Hayward who lives in the same house); 34793 (two women living under the same roof went into labour together); 17411 (wants RN to come to her house and divide possessions between her and her son); 33993 (doesn’t want to go home to her own house, now being at Filgrave with her mother); 49369 (husband seldom visits her, lives at her friends house); 6362 (list of members of household); 13483 (suspected of adultery with her master, had a child but she said it was by a servant of the house); 32889 (maid fell ill in her house; fears the infection); 6362 (list of members of household).

jewellery/jewels 14262 (lost jewels); 16702 (diamond lost); 6362 (2 gold bracelets with Fox engraved); 8776 (sent by Frances Prannell); 48116; 48109 and 48117 (Mrs Leate’s lost wedding ring); 2835; 3524 (SF’s; lost); 6039; 10091 and 6276 (gold ring missing); 1856 and 1906; 40202 (sent as token); 5683 (ring with ruby as token); 67979 (treatment involving silver ring).

linens/bedding 46240 (pillow); 26655 (beds; bolsters; blankets taken away); 29833 (2 bed clothes; 3 towels missing) sheets 15327 (robbed 3 or 4 times); 28944 (lost); 35241 (missing 4 sheets) 35347 (4 pairs of sheets); 38382 (lost a sheet on midsummer day); 41693 (stolen from RN).

objects 62577 (brasen candlestick; retort); 63088 (glass broke with too much heat, with a great noise); candle 38943; 11931; 12995 (a candle with cinnamon); 12649 (at candle light); 18256 (2 hours after candle night).


false accusations 42365 (out of spite accused this honest man to be the death of his mother).

figurative language 11648 (pale as ashes at Philgrave); 43679 (felt a something coming up like a mouse running up); 73377 (a pricking as if there were moths in it); 11817 (as if she were pricked with nails); 3066 (wolf; in her breast some say); 15331(hucklebone as if all were asleep); 46806 (as it were a great black dog came to her and lay in her lap); 26915 (like stinging of nettles all her face & body over); 12442 (feels a thing round in her belly as a dish); 13386 (pricking in his head as it were with daggers); 12887 (as a thing that heaves & sucks on him); 20315 (took him under the ear first as if he had been struck suddenly as it were with a planet); 11653 (she is pulled as it were in pieces); 26847 (cries in her back as a woman in labour); 11395 (skrike as if daggers were thrust in to her); 12757 (pricking like needles at the heart); 12977 (a think lying on his breast like a hag); 11767 (as if it were pricked with nails); 12301 (water as clear as a bell); 12301 (has as it were a thing lumbering in her chest); 3066 (a canker in her breast and as some say a wolf).

laughter/singing 49141 (will by fits laugh and be again extremely sick by fits); 42054 (laughing frenetic fits); 47346 (fell into a sudden strange laughing, did nothing but laugh); 33081 (pines, will laugh & then ill ready to die); 37025 (first mopish & despairing & now does laugh & sing); 11744 (took her fit by some foolish vision & sight at what time she laughed and saw Goody Greene & Goody Nichols flinging of trenchers); 31740 (mopish, sottish, laughs, looks well); 16959 (mad & laughs and confused speech); 38634 (will laugh at his own folly); 49405 (butler of Corpus Christi college who is foolish by fits & tends often to laugh & smile); 18517 (light headed, frantic, makes rhymes. laughs, whoops and hollows); 15411 (sings idle songs. Desires to dance). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/laughing.

speaking apparition 73601 (in a fit of sickness there did (to her thinking) a woman appear & spake to her); 79143 (something within which came into him in the night & told him that he had killed his wife); 29221 (spirit tells her that he will burn her and drown her and seems to speak within her); 15119 (had a voice that told him there was silver and gold).

speech 54360 (speaks lewdly of devil); 79499 (will talk continually yet very witty & good things; says she has a false heart); 79797 (talks continually yet sensibly very many hours); 79640 (speaks extravagantly); 24451 (taken in her tongue, does stumble & stuttle & can scarce bring fourth a ready word); 58589 (full of prate); 37877 (speaks ill since his physic stuttering more than before); 29422 (talks little at any time); 47196 (always prating); 58175 (talks indecorously & says her child will beg).

speechless/will not speak 76757 (will not speak to anybody); 74078 (ill three weeks, speechless since last night); 74120 (his speech is taken away yet he can write his mind); 63782 (no sense or understanding at all; nor a word from her can be gotten unless they anger her & then she bids a rat on them); 11870 (can scarce speak, only makes signs for water to cool her); 43321 (bereaved of his senses and can make no answer. Was never so before); 12256; 8262; 41868 (can scarce speak and not plainly); 14385 (speechless having been delivered of a child still born not knowing that she was with child); 13542 (speaks foolishness, bereaved of speech & wits); 10539 (says nothing but yea & no); 73416 (speechless); 13548 (bereaved of speech, tongue & wits); 3497 (Luce Ball, cannot hear or speak since she was 6 years old. Writes in book: ‘By me Lou Ball’). See also search topics medical/symptoms/speech problems/cannot speak and medical/diseases of the mind/speechless.

swearing, cursing, blaspheming 79335 (her swearing and cursing cause neighbours to suspect she is responsible for the loss of their livestock); 76557 (tempted to blaspheme God); 15411 (one night did nothing but swear and curse); 13522 (at sermon time she raved & cursed & spoke very profanely & foolishly).

talking to self 79209 (walking & talking to himself in the night time for the span of 2 or 3 hours); 29281 (talks godly, can take no rest or sleep but talks to himself); 55170 (will walk all the night & talk with himself).

talking wildly/idly/excessively 20373 (talks wildly of worldly matters as want of meat for men & cattle. Goes about to make away her self); 18517 (light headed, frantic, makes rhymes); 18546 (sottish and now speaks he cannot tell what); 48119 (knows not what he talks); 18546 (now speaks he cannot tell what and talks idly never ceasing as long as he has any company); 16201 (many times has idle speeches); 12266 (sometimes talks well & discreetly, sometimes very vainly & foolishly); 49608 (talks of kings); 45641 (says sometimes she shall be drowned & sometimes burned & many idle speeches); 21546 (raves & rages & speaks fondly); 21595 (says fondly that she has given herself to the devil); 14269 (speaks foolishly & will not pray); 58589 (mad with love & melancholy & full of prate). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/idle talk.


apparitions/visions 73469 (frighted with her child’s death; thinks she sees all manner of evil things); 73601 (appeared to her a woman who made a great buzzing noise as though the room were full of bees); 16599 (strange visions and apparitions); 35435 (black visions waking & sleeping); 14265 (apparitions); 11744 (took her fit by some foolish vision & sight at what time she laughed); 39575 (is frighted with ill sights); 43321 (saw some ill thing); 16939 (as if she were frighted with some ill sight); 48272 (as she thought seeing the devil coming to carry her to hell). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/seeing things.

eyes 73376, 73377 (eyedrops); 73377 (sugar candy finely powdered for eye); 74165 (a black cataract, cannot see anything but the glinting of the fire); 79174 (little knobs like warts grew on his eyelids overnight); 79115 (a dazzling in her eyes); 71469 (sends for eye water & some water for Mr Thomas Jenning’s face); 68582 (2 pearls breeding in his eyes). See also search topics medical/parts of body/head and neck/eyes and medical/symptoms/eye troubles.

sounds/noises 73601 (appeared to her a woman who made a great buzzing noise); 24332 (head full of noise); 14446 (a singing in her head); 11917 (hearing a great wind in his head); 43890 (a great noise in her head drowning her hearing); 32688 (lumbering in his ear and a noise); 16669 (head & ears & the noises therof); 18705 (a pain & noise in his ears this xi weeks); 19541 (taken with a fear in a wood thinking she heard a voice, ever since out of her wits); cries out loud 16561(makes her cry that she is heard all over the street); 12228 (cries out with extremity of pain); 12441 (cries and complains much); 12957 (past knowledge almost and cries with the pain); deafness 12337 (some think the lifting of Sir Arthurs trunks brought his deafness upon him). See also search topics medical/parts of body/head and neck/ears and medical/symptoms/hearing problems.

vision/sight 13091 (seeing double); 30527 (eye sight fails her); 12239 (makes him as it were blind); 36450 (lost by witchcraft); 70426 (struck blind in left eye, suspects witchcraft).


conceits 79177 (conceited he hath done ill by following the advice of a woman); 16553 (took a conceit partly by hearing of Mr Isaac’s daughters of Fensham who as they report are possessed); 79878 (took conceit at the unkindness of his father); 79209 (full of idle talk and fond conceits and imaginations); 79143 (conceited that there is something within which came into him on Whitten Eve in the night as he was a bed & told him that he had killed his wife); 17958 (persuaded that she shall die); 29221 (thinks her children to be rats and mice); 18546 (aforewhich time he took such a conceit that he was never well after, but his master’s maids made him believe sometimes that one of them loved him and sometimes another); 39022 (troubled with idle fancies & cannot tell any reason of it); 79143 (is persuaded that he shall not live past his birthday); 28831 (idle headed and says everything is too good for her); 28831 (idle headed and says everything is too good for her); 55480 (says that everybody hates her) slight taken 28826 (a slight taken touching some bargain her husband made but all fell out well notwithstanding); 43281 (lame in the knees a fortnight ever since Goody Slone was not allowed to bake with her). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/fancies.

love 77365 (a willful disposition, in love with one that never bore her the like); 70092 (a man that had been 5 years in love & now has run away and has become mad); 16760 (whether Alice Faulkner loves the man or not); 79148 (fell in love with a maid and since has been ill); 15351 (affection to a young woman who also loves him. Troubles in love); 32700 (set his mind upon a woman about 2 years ago, grief in mind since she married); 34856 (John Daniel’s servant. In love with one George, John Orchyard’s man); 45582 (crazed his brains for love to a wench); 40651 (distracted for one she loved & her friends hindered); 13369 (Robert Malins died poisoning himself for that he could not marry a maid that he loved extremely); 21973 (crazed in brain for the love of a maid); 16553 (ex impatientia amoris); 24298 and 24300 (frenetick for a lover that will not marry her); 35431 (loves a wench & is almost lunatic for her); 462 (he has loved another which now he loves not so… loves not his wife); 657 (broken heart); 41375 (frustrated love); 20335 (out of his wits with love); 6899 (whether she shall obtain him she hath loved long); 6817 (whether Dean Wood will continue his faithful love); 13348 (haunted by sprite, with love crazed); 18546 (he took such a conceit that he was never well after, but his master’s maids made him believe sometimes that one of them loved him and sometimes another); 2209 (dealt friendly with her for money). See also search topic sex, family and generation/romantic relations.

memory/remembrance/recognition 18543 (remembrance of her son’s drowning overcomes her with grief the same time each year); 43407 (is very forgetful); 17302 (head & memory ill); 44701 (saw one drowned 14 or 15 years since, can never be free from it); 47760 (lost her senses & knew no body for an hour); 24190 (rages & knows no man); 12750 (vomits & foams at the mouth & hath no memory); 14948 (sometimes knows not any body); 77453 (knows nobody). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/memory loss.

thoughts 47885 (filthy thoughts); 1504 (pensive); 47521 (wicked and evil thoughts); 74233 (filthy thoughts, cannot rest nor sleep). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/evil thoughts.


fear 62503 (melancholy false fears touching satan’s illusions); 19094 (fears lest he should be bewitched by this woman that spoke him fear; fearing lest he be hanged with her); 49208 (fears that some will kill her); 16939 (fears quakes & trembles as if she were frighted with some ill sight); 74166 (fears that every man will kill him and will not stay in any place longer than a night); 79033 (fearful of every one that comes to the house); 79137 (in her slumbers fears someone will kill her); 79553 (fears every one will betray her, & if any body give her anything she will refuse it); 74021 (fear and trembling; frighted and despairs of her salvation); 79148 (fears somebody will kill him); 16868 (fears some ill thing has been cast upon him and often starts through fearfulness). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/fear.

frighted 28434 (frighted with a piece of a chimney which fell upon her; supposed to have taken sore grief and fright for that her husband lived at her service); 73397 (took a fright in his sleep; something comes upon him in the night that he cannot stir); 73469 (frighted with her child’s death; thinks she sees all manner of evil things); 78176 (very melancholy 12 years; came to it by a fright); 71212 (frighted by the touch of Sir Henry [in margin]’s hand about a quarter of an hour before [his] death); 34185 (was frighted by one Berry with a pair of buck horns on his head). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/frighted.

grief 50453 (full of melancholy grief since her father’s death); 46858 (buried her eldest sons 6 weeks ago, has taken much grief and fears witchcraft); 72611 (took grief touching the death of a child of 4 that died of the pox but increased by another child 2 y that died by accident of a piece charged that killed it); 46452 (much grief taken for the death of 2 children but not altogether so much for the latter as for the first); 50970 (she came to open her grief unto me); 19094 (has taken grief touching a lewd woman that dwelt in the house with him); 20139 (melancholy since the death of her child); 12453 (has taken great grief at her husband’s meddling with his brother’s goods); 16760 (in chart: much grief and discontentment); 77613 (took grief for the death of her child that died in the night in her bed); 79177 (did grieve much for one of his daughters); 79270 (full of grief and melancholy for the part of his wife); 77058 (extremity of grief); 20484 (fear and grief); 20302 (grief taken through her husband’s bad and uncourteous dealing); 11990 (grief touching a child of a year and a half drowned in a mucklepit); 457 (will have sorrow and grief enough); 20484 (grief and fear taken by womb); 20258 (grief taken touching debt and his many children); 13413 (grief taken for the death of her late husband); 11932 (taken a grief for payment of moneys); 11929 (grief taken in law); 12011 (a grief touching her mother in law); 10607 (sorrow and grief); 13536 (taken with a great grief); 14546 (a great swounding by taking grief for her children which died); 12306 (has taken grief with a child of hers that was burned in the face & cannot be healed); 10804 (heart taken grief for her child departed); 49846 (took in ill part the death of her 2 children); 44371 (a mad foolish woman with the loss of her child that died); 45641 (took grief that her son did marry against her will, wished that she might see him buried); 1471 (poor widow with 4 children, taken much grief for her husband’s death); 68543 (never had but one child & that died, never well since but as a distracted person ranges up and down); 20139 (melancholy since the death of her child); 14274 (fear & grief for the death of her child); 79420 (had a smay 2 years since when her child which was then but 7 years was ravished by a young rogue, has ever since grieved very much). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/grief.

sadness 28709 (troubled with melancholy & heaviness. Sadness of heart); 77084 (heaviness and despairing sadness); 43679 (delights in nothing). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/sadness.


changeling 13137 (became as a natural changeling); 24451 (grew like a changeling senseless & as a natural).

devil 5459 (said to her that he must have her); 48272 (tells her that she shall hang in hell by the tongue); 45205 (one said to her in her anger that she had the devil in her); 12317 (the devil comes always to his mind and cannot be shifted); 21595 (says fondly that she has given her self to the devil); 42211 (says the devil will come for her and have her); 38073 (told her the devil was in her); 55170 (talks much of the devil and says that the devil does no man harm); 60271 (cannot be saved, the devil so tells her as she says); 63900 (dreams of the devil yet godly and sensible); 12320 (mind troubled with devil this 2 or 3 years); 70098 (says there is no devil nor witch). See also search topic medical/witchcraft and devil/devil.

haunted/possessed/ill thing within 50385 (whether possessed or a dissembler); 74387 (said they had 10 spirits haunted them and would feign their faces & make strange rhymes); 61852 (they be haunted); 77078 (house haunted); 17896 (thinks that she is haunted with some sprite or witch); 47218 (haunted with some ill spirit); 40820 (possessed as Thomas Say the curate of the town does think); ill thing 68283 (as if there were some thing in her that did trouble her); 42365 (griped in his belly as if an ill thing within him did nip him); 10864 (some ill thing or two as big as mice within his shoulders); 12301 (has as it were a thing lumbering in her chest); 79145 (thinks he has some ill thing within him). See also search topic medical/witchcraft and devil/haunted.

witchcraft 21977 (mind tempted to witchcraft); 12123 (whether bespoken, finger pricked with a nail); 36450 (lost by witchcraft); 22274 (Goody Hills suspected for witchery wished that he might break his neck or leg & that his brother should be hanged & killing a man he was hanged indeed); 2339 (witchcraft suspected by the Doctors of Oxford); 28353 (whether Mr Cunny be skillful to help against witchery); 18948 (doubts it is by God’s doing); 46520 (suspects a woman that gave his mother physic); 70426 (struck blind in left eye, suspects witchcraft); 70131 (lame 18 weeks, suspects a woman in the town); 61852 (cry out at witches hand; use of their senses and wills taken away); 9425 (witch cake: burn urine, or make cake of rye flour and her urine); 61852 (strangely handled and cry out of the witches hand); 79352 (fears much some ill lewd people that have done her hurt); 71407 (bends like a hoop so her heels buck her head and something stirs in her belly as if it were alive. Friends suppose her to be under some ill tongue); 77285 (her husband died by witchery 12 years ago); 15176 (continually starts, they think it beworded); 17592 (worried she will be suspected of witchcraft after fat lamb died through negligence); 12319 (house never well since this servant was turned away); 78046 (a fly came & did so hit her in the face she saw it not but heard the wing of it); 61852 (cry out of the witches hand and the use of their senses and wits taken away. They be haunted); 79149 (first taken making of hay & lying against a haycock where she felt something to prick her back; suspects some ill body has bewitched her); would leap out of their beds & scratch the woman & tell that the witch was coming); 31511 (says in her fits that Goody Chapman has bewitched her); witches ducked 74387 (cried out of a woman called Bings wife of Cayton who was ducked & did swim); 77166 (suspected witch ducked and swam); witchcraft cases discussed in pamphlet literature 39163, 17265, 17896 ; Ann Gunter case 28353; scratched suspected witch 17265 (scratched a woman and so mended); 13536 (scratched one that she thought had bewitched her); 74387 (they would leap out of their beds & would scratch the woman & tell that the witch was coming); 73921 (last night scratched the woman suspected). See also food/drink and witchcraft below, and search topic medical/witchcraft and devil/witchcraft suffered.


beating 63782 (first fell ill upon a beating by her dame); 77757 (child bruised being thrust against a desk); 15752 (Walter Hooton Mr Andrews man beat her & put a hempen halter about her shoulder); 11790 (maid beaten and died); 48188 (child beaten to death); 20405 (wonderfully beaten); 14033 (by his master); 20914 (she was kicked); 38101 (Ellen Parrot threatened to beat her); 46587 (kicked, shut in a door); 45459 (beats her husband and all who come to her); 48944 (husband calls her whore bitch and beats her); 39163 (brother gripped her about the stomach); 48942 (beaten by husband, mother in law a great cause of it); 11990 (some he stroke with his fist against his will); 29865 (abused by her husband, beaten by him); 12733 (zeal and beats wife); 18188 (cares not whom he strikes); 49357 (dreams of someone coming to beat him); 71069 (abused by Mr Crane’s man & kicked her & at Michaelmas she departed from his service); 55170 (frighted with 2 fellows that fell upon him & wounded him in the head); 22425 (a bad drunken husband that will beat her in his drunkenness). See also search topic personal affairs/business affairs/punishment.

drowning 58589 (tempted by Satan, fell into a pond & likely to be drowned but was safely delivered); 60271 (tempted to make herself away & to drown herself in wells); 44701 (saw one drowned 14 or 15 years since, can never be free from it); 58175 (has tried to kill herself with knife & to drown herself); 64133 (tempted to drown herself in the Thames); 18543 (son drowned returning from Justice’s house where he carried a new year’s gift; the remembrance whereof overcomes her with grief the same time each year); 69839 (unawares leaped into a well & was like to be drowned); 12146 (grief taken touching a child drowned in a pit); 14570 (temped to make her self away, rose in the night to drown herself); 14488 (was up one night and went to a little spring and came in again all wet; she says if she had drowned herself she would have saved her soul); 46806 (went to drown herself); 47857 (fears she’ll kill herself as her father did drown himself); 48177 (she did drown herself in January following); 31740 (wont to drown herself); 8280 (would have drowned himself); 18910 (tempted by Satan to drown himself); 45641 (says sometimes that she shall be drowned and sometimes burned); 11990 (grief touching a child of a year and a half drowned in a mucklepit); 48175, 48176, 48177, 48178, 48179, 48180 (retrospective horaries for Joan Kent who drowned herself).

knife 45205 (afraid to have a knife in her hand); 64425 (fears to see a knife and trembles at it); 49976 (tempted at the sight of a knife); 15505 (cannot abide to have a knife in the house but that her heart rises at it); 29666 (tempted when she is alone to make herself away with knife); 75992 (stabbed her belly with a knife in 4 places, mind troubled); 76186 (hurt her body with a knife).

murderous 343737 (will kill her father and the child, says she must make herself away); 70199 (tempted to kill one of her own children); 35505 (tempted suddenly to stab herself or others); 60744 (so distracted he would have torn in pieces his sucking child); 29594 (tempted to make himself away & his friends); 45205 (fears she will kill self, child or friend); 58049 (tempted with ill thoughts to kill naked bodies on the throat).

restraining 14948 (sometimes they are fain to hold her down in her bed); 64602 (Will curse & talk continually & be doing of some ill except she be tied & will tear her clothes & is senseless); 45419 (tempted to kill herself or her child, ties herself every night to her bed); 43891 (bites and tears & can not be held down); 15411 (knows nobody. They bind her hands and feet. When she is loose she is so strong that they cannot deal with her); 38073 (they can scarce hold her); 64036 (was kept bound in her bed but has now been set at liberty a year).

suicidal 39545 (thrice sought to perish herself yet God preserved her); 32676 (frantic, despairs & ready to murder himself); 12320 (tempted to hang himself and sometimes drown himself); 12320 (temped to hang himself and sometimes to drown himself); 45419 (tempted to kill herself or her child, ties herself every night to her bed); 74203 (attempted to cut his own throat with a knife); 79033 (like to have made away herself); 79626 (was ready to have made herself away. On Thursday night last snatched a knife from a maid and offered to have killed herself & cut her throat but thanks be to God the knife did not go far into her flesh); 12907 (in chart: tempted to kill her self or her child); 45419 (in chart: troubled sorely in mind with temptation to hurt herself or her child); 17958 (in chart: she hanged herself about 6 weeks after); 47010; 21595 (would make herself away); 47510 (moved to kill himself); 7956 (haunted and suicidal); 13215 (took poison); 546 (seeks her own death or will run into it voluntarily); 1481 (an enemy to herself, has taken evil drink or medicine); 12841 (tempted to kill herself); 30329 (would make himself away); 47709 (thoughts to offer violence to himself); 20373 (goes about to make away herself) See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/tempted and suicidal.

violent 79531 (by fits violent); 24903 (a violent, furious, melancholic and sullen woman); 47709 (violent thoughts).


drinking 76393 (drinks very often); 10718 (drinks much); 36749 (taking cold drink); 11870 (drinks through a quill); 50337 (desires to drink, eats nothing but broth).

drunkenness 20405 (in danger to be killed in a drunken fray); 5247 (Bess Parker, the time she went to Lambeth with a baker and came home drunk); 19099 (drunken & so he has taken a fall from a horse); 47580 (mad & furious, at this time much given to drinking); 18546 (was drunken at London); 22425 (a bad drunken husband that will beat her in his drunkenness); 19336 (cruel drunk whipped him naked with a cart whip).

eating 343737 (eats greedily to feed the devil); 63782 (eats unreasonably); 14814 (when he comes in to eat he will stand, spoon in hand, thrusting his cheek and spitting a quarter of an hour together before he eat any thing); 28826 (can eat but not digest; no appetite); 43679 (cannot get anything down her throat, but the greater part comes up. Cannot drink but most runs back with froth. When she asks to eat or drink it stinks. A spoonful serves her for a month, half a spoonful for a day less).

food 11795 (when he eats flesh & porridge it heaves up his chest); 78761 and 78763 (fried bacon, oysters and hard eggs eaten before falling sick, surfeit of oysters and bacon); 45221 (James went to Newport to expostulate the matter with the woman that sold him frysty meat); 68167 (his diet commonly is veal & broth & sometimes mutton, his drink is small beer); bread/cakes/baking 10889 (bread); 2179 (stolen bread); 12361 (eats nothing but bread); 43281 (lame in the knees a fortnight ever since Goody Slone was not allowed to bake with her); 33207 (3 small cakes); 11554 (swelling in his neck the size of a penny cake); cheese, milk, butter 58841 (for dog bite, piece of cheese with certain words written on it); 12173 (butter anointed helps his aches best). See also food/drink and witchcraft below.

food/drink and witchcraft 17135 (fear lest he be beworded by taking of a woman a piece of cake); 70332 (Elis Millard suspect gave her drink once & never since well); 67826 (one gave her drink against her will, a bad woman suspected, and since ill by fits); 49363 (woman mad since being given an apple by a woman suspected for a witch); 12256 (apples stick in her throat that she bought of goody Clubber’s maid); 17265 (fell out with her for apples that she sold); 49363 (mad woman that lives beyond London, became mad after being given an apple by one suspected for a witch); cheese, milk, butter 36011 (cheese bewitched); 79352 (can make neither butter nor cheese nor curds); 79115 (can neither make butter nor cheese); 79116 (can make neither butter, nor cheese nor beer); 79150 (her cows give milk again, her cheese is good, and beer works again); 77889 (troubled in milk & making of cheese; her milk sours and her cheese with an ill scent); 78046 (cannot make cheese); 20586 (cannot make butter); 27937 (cheeses heave & wax bitter; witchcraft); 36011 (cheese bitter; strong taste of rennet; witchcraft); 36331 (cheeses swell; witchcraft; sent to Napier); 79097 (cows suspected to be bewitched, give her very puddles of milk as good as nothing); 79115 (they can neither make butter nor cheese, it smells very ill); 39214; 11790 (bewitched, can’t make butter).

meals dinner 20424 (Marjory Britten); 18718 (Mrs Troughton) breakfast 50033 (did eat his breakfast); 69841 (whether good to take at breakfast a toast, sugar & spice).

not eating 43407 (has no appetite & cares not to eat any meal); 74021 (can neither eat, nor drink nor sleep); 76508 (stomach loathes all meat, retains nothing except muscadine; grief for the death of her son); 78741 (cannot eat and desires drink often); 69850 (will take nothing but what is forced upon him); 46379 (eats nothing but drink or buttermilk); 50339 (can not take any thing but posset ale & broths); 45205 (thinks she is unworthy to eat or drink).

poison 13215 (in chart: took poison); 1481 (taken evil drink or medicine); 13573 (food poisoning, herrings suspected); 13369 (poisoned himself because he couldn’t marry a woman he loved extremely. RN at the house and saw him foam at the mouth); 76404 (made sick with eating wild parsnips); ratsbane 21744; 21767 (washed head and dipped comb in); 30359 (applied to itching head); 41522 (combed head with); 43314 (annointed his members with water and ratsbane to kill the crab lice); 73522 (washed hair with a penny worth in half a pint); 50153 (pregnant woman ate some in a pie which was given to her, and cast it up that day and the day after); 55517 (took ratsbane). See also search topic medical/poison.

taste & smell 21254 (cannot relish any thing); 46718 (whether pregnant; ill & cannot relish); 42073 (RN tasting urine, water good but strong savouring); 18949 (everything tastes bitter to him); 23792 (bitterness in her mouth); 50329 (all things seem bitter to her); 36011 (cheese bitter with strong taste of rennet); smell 2209 (cannot abide the smell of a woman); 16025 (cannot abide the scent of meat); 9508 (perfumer); 43679 (when she asks to eat or drink it stinks); 79115 (cannot make cheese, it smells very ill).


corpulence 47949; 44145; 11932 (a gross & fat woman); 10571 (a fat man. Cannot abide the sight of meat but is very hot & sweats exceedingly); 18188 (fat and hungry); 26902 (gross body); 23523 (was in presence a corp. wench); 12358 (a corpulent man & full faced); 13108 (fat woman & much pinched about the heart); 44352 (fat & corpulent); 42629 (maybe pregnant).

excrement 47949 (of black stuff that comes by his excrements); 60491 (costive by hard clots); 11790 (like sheep trittles)


bed 42365 (strong yet keeps his bed idly); 71490 (a deep melancholy, they cannot get him out of his bed); 14488 (cannot rest in her bed; says something comes to her bed); 14948 (sometimes they are fain to hold her down in her bed); 45419 (ties herself every night to her bed); 16948 (vomits nightly in bed); 49660 (pissing of bed); 48272 (does lose her excrements of urine and ordure in her bed ); 32602 (fit shaking bed and chamber); 49464 (set fire to bed); 74387 (they would leap out of their beds); 37877 (been most in his bed and least in stirring); 48338 (cries out of the devil that stands at her bedside and says she is doomed).

dreams 61268 (mind troubled by a bad dream that satan put into her head); 59419 (filthy lusts and dreams with wicked thoughts); 49357 (much feared in his dreams); 74310 (dreams in her sleep of widow Cranfield); 55351 (fearful dreams that something lies on his breast); 63900 (dreams of the devil yet godly and sensible); 63898 (a sore fear in a dream that she had the devil in her bed); 70199 (she was first troubled in a dream of a woman that was put to death for witchery; she is tempted to kill one of her own children); 71433 (troubled with fearful dreams); 7558 (pregnant dreams, doleful and wonderful); 4801 (whether he will have the woman he dreamed of for his wife); 49357 (is much afraid in his dreams); 9334 (Mrs Blague dreams of old man); 61268 (mind troubled with a bad dream of the devil); 52299 (terrible dreams 9 or 10 years); 48912 (dreamed she must not nurse her own child); 14719 (troubled in his sleep with dreaming of children); 78543 (Elizabeth Spacy of High Rowding appeared to her in her sleep this night); 76380 (melancholy dreams trouble her); 78046 (troubled with dreams & other pains); 49357 (dreams of someone coming to beat him); Forman’s dreams 4802 (SF dreams of naked girl); 6428 (SF dream of water and flying); 5707 (SF dreams of 2 white swans); 1407 (SF dreams of Anne Young); 5817 (SF dreams he’s sent to prison). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/bad dreams.

moon 71089 (troubled at full moon and mends a week later); 79513 (takes him every moon and holds him 2 or 3 days); 12042 (sounds much at every full of the moon); 70403 (convulsive fits, especially at the full & new of the moon); 11810 (sick at times ever since Whitsontide once a moon).

sleep 62503 (apt to sleep); 79450 (sleeps some nights and some not at all); 79626 (will not eat or sleep but as she is forced); 79135 (cannot sleep); 79584 (whoops and hollows at night); 79602 (desires to sleep & keep her bed more than before); 73397 (took a fright in his sleep; something comes upon him in the night that he cannot stir); 79644 (cannot sleep for pain; cannot bend himself); 12042 (does startle in his sleep); 25247 (to procure sleep); 47857 (craved something to make her sleep); sleepwalking 1779; 3261; talking in sleep 39163 (will descry all that is in her heart in her sleep); 77078 (talks in sleep); first sleep 16948; 53758; 42206 (comes upon her after her first sleep).

sleeplessness 43407 and 74093 (cannot sleep); 50379 (has not slept 5 or 6 days); 43891 (grown mad for lack of sleep); 45641 (slept never a whit last night); 29281 (can take no rest or sleep); 21546 (can take no sleep); 75627 (newly brought a bed, mind troubled with phantasms for want of sleep, melancholic). See also search topic medical/diseases of the mind/sleeplessness.

waking at night 14488 (was up one night and went to a little spring and came in again all wet).


accounts 8905 (not adding up); 20363 (Nicholas Leate, coming short); 20369 (Leate); 20382 (Leate).

living, debt, finances, business 20258 (grief taken touching debt and his many children); 12453 (much indebted & hardly thought of & slandered); 17493 (disquieted in mind for suits of law & debt & want of silver); 74101 (Mr Prats gentleman wrote in his behalf being angry that my men would not trust him without money); 17958 (A woman that hath taken much grief for fear she shall want maintenance, very worldly); 2434 (she is now very needy and in debt); 28900 (husband indebted left his wife & 6 children); 50307 (much grief for debt); 6949 and 6227 (whether Ralph Green will be imprisoned for debt); 34863 (grief for money that he has given his word for); 12841 (husband has spent her goods); 20373 (talks wildly of worldly matters as want of meat for men & cattle); 38479 (buried husband, has lost use of arm and legs & cannot get her living); 38479 (a succourless woman & has a great charge of children); 23285 (arrested for debt); 64036 (mind troubled with her children whom she cannot bring up by reason of her poverty); 60529 (grief for the death of his mother and his brother lawing with him touching his mothers will). See also search topic personal affairs/business affairs/finance and property.

loans 17101 (Rive tries unsuccessfully to borrow money from RN); 13831 (Mr Underhill tries unsuccessfully to borrow £4 from RN); 27065 (Rich Ellis tries unsuccessfully to borrow £30 from RN to buy a pardon for his son); 37962 (Robson that RN should entreat his brother to lend him money on security of land); 42691 (Hopkins came to borrow £3 from RN in great perplexity); 45379 (RN lent to Mr Price, schoolmaster); 12266 (he gave his word for xx libra); 49971 (60l lent for the use of her child).

poverty 29049 (will only consider those who are beggarly or poor); 38231 (a bagger woman); 32732 (a poor baggerwoman); 11982 (dead poor and low brought); 11932 (sent a poor woman); 12155 (orphan, kept of alms by the town); 14269 (spent his substance); 12475 (kept of alms); 49316 (Mrs Hipwell’s poor alms boy); 19942 a vagrant fellow destitue of money; 35864 (bagger woman); 22717(poor wandering woman).

property 1805 (whether he shall have her & the house or the house without the woman or no house at all); 26735 (thought her husband had bought land and given it to his son by his first wife); 16201 (took much grief for that her landlord since her husband’s death has taken her land away and given her other for it not so good, and now her senses are gone); 16939 (her landlord threatened to cast them out of the house). See also search topic personal affairs/business affairs/finance and property.

reputation, slander, lies 38073 (threatened her for a lie made of her, if she took her she would flay her); 20681 (that RN had said that Edith Carpenter had bewitched someone, which was false); 49919 (mind much troubled about her husband slandered); 30965 (whether cleared of suspicion, for woman accused him to be naught).

trial, punishment, prison, execution 76582 (witch executed at Aylesbury); 16551 (Shelton the witch in prison); 69858 (Isaac her uncle was hanged 2 years since at Northampton); 38231 (accused witch; likely to death); 17896 (Goody Smallbone hanged for witchery, said she left worse behind her); 39163 (witches hanged at Northampton); 39985 (hanged for witchcraft); 11790 (mother of beaten maid would see the girl’s master hanged); 24451 (Widow Bradly suspected & hanged 6 years since); 18322 (those suspected to have done her harm, one of them hanged, the other in Northampton gaol); 69858 (to be tried tuesday after the 12th day); 77883 (married a woman whose husband was hanged); 6926 (for her guest Frances Nelson that is in Duncark in prison); 18322 (suspected witch in Northampton gaol); 27095 (lately delivered out of prison); 76335 (lately delivered out of prison & correction of the house); 73804 (brother thrown in Leicester prison for killing someone who stole his hat). See also search topic personal affairs/business affairs/prison.

work 11795 (well by day working but ill always every night, never better then when he is working); 28900 (very sleepy at her work); 21973 (crazed in brain, put out of service by his Mistress for the love of a maid); cannot work or work impeded 14732 (if he strain himself at work); 12446 (cannot work); 12099 (can scarce travell); 71094 (so mopish and sottish that he cannot follow any business or go to service); 79209 (will not work); 76404 (sick from eating wild parsnips, unable to go about their work).


air 78046 (changed the air & has been often worse abroad than at home); 1217 (blasted with ill air or spirit); 49350 (did dwell in London but came down to recover her health); 20232 (ague set by night cold).

astrological medicine 68167 (climaterical year); 34811 (consulting ephemeris); 836 (no evil towards her till 18 days hence; later notes she is sick 18 days later); 44816 (the astrologer William Bredon asks for RN’s opinion his daughter’s nativity); 13866, 21803, 14089 (RN sends away enquiries about stolen animals insisting that he never meddles with such trivial matters); 48175, 48176, 48177, 48178, 48179, 48180 (retrospective horaries for Joan Kent who drowned herself); 34811 (RN narrates how he has composed the chart); 40428 (RN takes 10s payment, which he offers to repay doubled if he’s wrong); 11787 (he died according as I said that day at night). See also search topic personal affairs/astrology-alchemy.

baths 37875 (a diet drink & bath); 58781 (moist and dry baths); 15872 (2 black sheep hides boiled together for a bath to sit in); 37877 (a purge, pills, let blood & bathing & stimulations & cordials every morning); 11071; 13084; 13592; 14820; 21896; 24489; 33696; 39670; 40639; 41016; 43060; 48623; 48746; 51179; 64347.

death dead for a time 12684; 13577; 13578; 12666; 17270; 44588 (infant seemed dead for an hour); 45321 (fell down dead going into the yard to milk a cow); 31781 (falls down dead many times); death indicated 23451; 4965 (will die early of this disease); died 26637; 12460 (in chart: she died); 79058 (he died Wednesday after); 14852 (she died the same day); 27095 (I think she died); 14852 (she died the same day); 1872; 13215; 8397; 11780; 34606, 34608 (in chart: ‘child dead’); 40373 (dead born); 48188 (child beaten to death); 18118 (in chart: ‘he died’) 46240 (child suffocated by pillow); 48572 (this child died last night); 27307 (I went not, she died); 12047 (a timpani, died); died some time after 48912; 11790; 41868 (he mended not and died); 13489 (she died not long after); close to death 50256 (lay as one that should depart); 20405 (nearly killed in a drunken fray); 17702 (like to die with it); 32511 (taken a great cold, likely to die); 16739 (like to die from bleeding); 13630 (desirous to have his neighbours forgive him as expecting death); 4960 and 4961 (in peril of his life); fearing death 11753; 30884 (they fear death; handled in a like manner to one who died); 14639 (fears she shall die); 12460 (cries & talks & says she will die). See also search topic case contains information about/patient’s death recorded.

diet 74120 (had blood let, a vomit, a clyster, frictions with mustard and vinegar began to mend, but upon an ill diet fell back again & worse than ever); 51150 (what is best diet for fertility, uses much fasting and also a sparing diet). See also search topic medical/regimen-diet.

diseases cause of disease 11767 (lying down in a field); 75034 (took a cold because it rained); 41045 (hunting on a wet day); 54918 (fell into a pond and since ill); 49975 (anything that she touches the coldness sticks to the heart); gonorrhea 29160 (taken from millstone falling on him); 14392 (from jumping over hedge); 52305 (contracted gonorrhea with a strain & a lift); 39660 (taken with the strain of a wild horse); 73821 (man caught French disease by lying with a diseased man); new diseases 40358; 37384 (new ague); 16715 (the new disease); plague 15533 (fears the plague); plague at Bedford in 1607 1889; 31890; 31891; 31892; 31895 (metuit pestem for he was there); 31898 (I wrote a note for the whole town). See also search topic medical/illnesses named.

individual physicians 740874 (under the doctors of London for 12 years, has been at Bath, had physic of Dr Jorden and Dr [in binding]); 14498 (she [was] sent by Matthew Gough physician licensed by the college of London); 79797 (has taken much physic from Mr Roe); 79499 (various treatments from Mr Roe); 79640 (Mr Pedder did give her physic); 79565 (has had much physic at London from Dr Fox and Dr Martin at Hartford); 34185 (took a purge by the direction of Mr Chambers of Bedford which troubled him much but wrought not at all); 79149 (took purgations of one Mr Lapworths & Dove & Rawlins of Daventry, an Apothecary, which wrought 10 days together…was at Bath); 51136 (Doctor [Helkiah] Crooke of Bedlem let her blood in her arms). See also search topic case contains information about/mentions other practitioner.

physic general 68167 (he fears that his body, being old & weak, will not much abide physic); 79067 (details of previous treatments which wrought well); 79779 (his vomit did work very well and brought up much green and bitter stuff and now he finds himself much better); 63413 (will not permit his doctors to give him any more cordials because they dead his stomach, but kitchen physic by which he is much amended & grown stronger); 79335 (has taken much physic and wrought reasonable well with her, yet she continues as ill as ever); physic refused 19083 (would not take that I sent her); 12907 (cannot abide to take any potion to drink because it had once made her mad); 38372 (he never took the diet drink); 45678 (not desirous to take physic but only be let blood for two years since); 46858 (not willing to take physic); 54392 (will take no more clysters nor inward physic, but outward only).

practice, payment and instructions 64021 (Mary Fane will pay for all physic for this man); 26498 (note from patient inserted, including the instruction ‘you may tell this bearer how I must use the oil for hearing which you gave me whether I must take it hot or cold’); refusing patient 14089 (RN sent her away & rated her that came because he never dealt in such fooleries); 15411 (midwife would not meddle with her because she was not the first sent for); 49971 (RN: her brother in law came to me to have some light but I told him I meddled in no such business); 6311 (meddle not thou with her lest ill come of it); 37877 (Michael: I should not meddle with her). See also search topic case contains information about/payment.

recovery 79098 (came again 8 days after, she is much better); 79137 (in chart: thanks be God she mended); 13421 (feared least she was bewitched but she mended a week after); 79226 (she mended and did very well); 13495 (kept not his bed but soon mended); 34831 (in chart: she mended God be thanked); 37288 (was mend by my counsel); 11983 (in chart: she recovered); 10235 (was amiss & now is mended by that I gave him); 11814 (in chart: he mended for that time but died afterward); 49421 (was very sick and mended); 39281 (did certify me that she found much ease & good by my counsel, God’s name be blessed for it). See also search topic medical/treatment/treatment follow up.

spa/Bath 79149 (was at Bath yet grows worse and worse); 39878 (whether good to go to the bath); 32314 (certifying me of the taking of his disease by the bath); 50966 (Dr Venner, beyond the bath); 59004 (Dr Venner of the bath); 64181 (drank Wellingborough water and now makes water 40 times a day); 57866 (willing to go to the bath); 51150 (to go to the spa); 46810 (the spa); 35405 (bath water); 33580; 35771; 38124; 39835; 39847; 23023; 23164; 50823; 52308; 57010; 31013; 38111; 38196; 39658; 39823; 38107; 44582.

surgeons and midwives 12955 (head drilled by surgeons, died a month after); 15411 (she had 2 midwives, the first unskillful, the second forward & would not meddle with her because she was not first sent for). See also search topic case contains information about/mentions other practitioner.

treatments cerecloth 38479 (had a boil and put a cerecloth to it & that drew up the humours); 38372 (had diverse poultices and cerecloths but never did him good); crutches 13384; 18923 (cannot go but with crutches); 23551 (goes with crutches); 11885 (went with crutches); diet drink 20966; 37275; 20632; 46457 (ill after his diet drink); 37838 (jealous husband will not take a diet drink unless his wife drinks with him); other 47367 (bezoar); 64487 (girdle of quicksilver); pomander 75152 (a ball to smell); sigils 41868 (tin/Jupiter sigil on the neck); 42365 (Jupiter tied about his neck); 79749 (sun sigil with a ribbon); 79504 (had something to wear about her neck of my uncle. Was well while she wore it and when she lost it sick again. Tin/Jupiter with a ribbon); 79098 (had a sigil); 78303 (sigil of tin/Jupiter); 60271 (had a thing to drink & to put about her neck); 41868 (tin); 46806 (all spent); 49730 (2 sigils requested); 9059 (with drawing); 3617 (with sketches); Ash 413 225v (with drawings); 3420 (ring); 39262 (made of copper).

treatment ingredients animals and animal parts 38901 (powdered sheep’s bladder); 23061 (cat’s blood, used by patient); 39661 (broth of the stones of a boar pig beaten to powder, the liver of a frog); 41870 (put 3 frogs in his stools); 43644 (powdered toads bones); 46541 (hogs bladders & powdered stags pizzle); 52817 (leeches applied inwardly to secret part); 71682 (horse hoof); 23056 (pigeon to each foot); 51370 (a pigeon slit to the neck & to each foot); 78416 (half a pigeon to each foot); dung 10889 (pigeon dung); 22717 (horse dung); 37886 (suppositories with mice dung); 39214 (plaster of cow dung); 55837 (hogs dung smoked); 56211 (cow dung); human body parts 36451 (caul from the face of a firstborn female infant); 63590 (hair and urine); 68688 (rub it with the hand of a dead woman); 71682 (skull of a man); 72398 (man’s skull, the heel of a woman for a man, & of a man for a woman, the right heel dried & powdered).

unsuccessful/damaging treatments 49421 (said I did him harm by letting blood); 21977 (was hurt by a bad midwife); 64358 (likely to have been choked by a pill); 11088 (matrix rent by unskillful midwife); 45627 (children keep dying in childbirth, whether best to leave her old midwife); 38861 (bladder perished by midwife’s negligence); 33689 (Katherine Robinson pines and consumes after my letting of her blood & physic); 174758 (was let blood in the arm & also by leeches & since the worse, the more physic the more her pain); 2999 (doctors made him cast 8 stools but thought he would die); 12354 (nothing will work, last treatment brought out dead worms); 31110 (took his physic, it made him very sick); 27478 (medicine did nothing); 31066 (pills wrought extremely as if she should die with them); 16760 (has taken many vomits but none would work). See also search topic case contains information about/outcomes.


religion general 79871 (studying much of the bible); 58589 (very godly & religious & of a good mind & faith); 58588 (apt to talk of religion); 62503 (fearful of sin); 45205 (thinks God objects against her); 38236 (not bewitched, affliction by the hand of God); 77745 (mopish & fearful, cares not to go to church); 13522 (at sermon time she raved & cursed & spoke very profanely & foolishly); 1425 (in holy contemplation and divine service all day); 13483 (came to me when she intended to receive the communion after she had her child); 37459 (suddenly taken going to divine service); christening 35102; 24256 (RN, going to christen Mr C’s child & received a letter forbidding me to come); 47852 (3 boys at a birth, all christened and all died); 17151 (use of cross in baptism debated); churching 12492; 46971 (3 months since his father churched him); treatment 41868 (good counsel to serve God and he shall mend).

despairing of salvation 15753 (distrusting of salvation); 15351 (says that he is so great a sinner that his sins cannot be forgiven); 74021 (frighted and despairs of her salvation); 60271 (cannot be saved, the devil so tells her as she says); 58588 (despairs of God’s mercy); 58175 (despairs of her salvation & says she did never serve God); 41566 (persuaded to believe there is no God); 71200 (conceit that she shall die & go not to heaven).

prayer 74176 (suspects Norton that says his prayers will not be heard); 79602 (will not pray); 29154 (fell ill at evening prayers at church; came home and talked idly); 14269 (would not pray); 11931 (prayed and desired his father to do so); 10476 (thinks prayers will do her little good); 49208 (will pray all night long); 48272 (will pray by fits and then again by fits rage); 47890 (I prayed to God for her); 69611 (Lady Harmer came to RN’s study where they prayed); 1426 (abroad at prayers).

exorcism 42206 (Dominus Jesus conterat satanam sub pedibus suis et sub pedibus serv suorum. fiat fiat fiat); 20232 (Deus ista medicamenta benedicat isti materi sathannam, que benedictione sua super haec medic. conterat sub pedibus).


books/study/scholars 3822 (SF’s lost); 4358 (SF’s); 4446 (SF; bosom book of physic); 928 (SF’s missing book of medicine); 66888 (RN bought from Mr Francis Heurinus De morbis capitis); 16997 (RN sent to Dr Dee and SF the book he promised); 71239 (John Underhill sent 2 chemical books & a letter with strange news of Prince Mammon of Millayne); 72415 (overmuch study, tumbles and rolls up and down); 38943 (Al Karani, burned by RN accidentally with a candle); 79871 (studying much of the bible); 79347 (desires me to send him some books); 67490 (studied geometry too much); 71290 (Mr Pix wants to send his son, who left the university & cost him £300, to live with RN and to study physic with him); 41375 (Henry Cary a scholar was in love with a yeoman’s daughter but her friends refuse the match because he has no living).

colleges 49405 (butler of Corpus Christi college who is foolish by fits & tends often to laugh & smile); 31729 (John Faldo of Trinity College, Cambridge); 38367 (a Scottish scholar once of Magd college); 28353 (Mr Vilvayne of Exeter College); 46142 (Mr Dollin of Exeter College in Oxford); 68167 (Dr Astley of All Souls College in Oxford); 74681 (William Taylor of Christ’s College); 73455 (George Jones of Magdalene College).

other 56163 (Cambridge mathematicians, Drs Worth & Pouder).

writing 2351 (SF’s lost notes); 3905 (SF for his writings); 31149 (as he was writing overcome with a quaking); 17242 (vellum parchment, whether servant will buy the good stuff or not); 71200 (proud of her knowledge, skilful in script).


animals general 78046 (lost a very good goose, horse put into a close & found dead in the morning, cattle ill or dead); 1680 (Anne Fletcher about her dog, and whether the parrot was to sell); 42048 (Napier sent a parrot which doesn’t speak and then dies); 78978 (some times cows give no milk, at others they will kick it down); 79097 (something comes a fly roaring & buzzing about her; cows give only puddles of milk); 71281 (a thing like a cat sits on 4 of them every night); 30222 (hawk lost); 43314 (crab lice); 48188 (cat); 23668 (a buck for D Fleming); 47855 (fat doe sent to RN); 49987 (2 live quails and 10 live partridges sent to RN); 21682 (2 rabbits sent to RN); 9452 (why the crows follow her); 41327 (hen); 20465 (stolen beasts); 41123 (falconry); 11990 (ducks); 65490 (let fly his hawk on Thursday 6 March 1628, 5 pm and they never saw it since). See also search topic personal affairs/death and disease of animals.

bitten by 75269 (bitten by a mad dog, washed with salt & brine & ate the liver); 73795 (bitten by a mad sheep that was bitten by a dog); 53172 (RN bitten on the forefinger tickling the nose of his great black dog); 50525 (bitten by a monkey); 51672 (bitten by mad horse); 31397 (a calf & 5 of her children bitten by a mad dog); 34132 (mad dog); 17565 (bitten through arm); 35697 (mad dog); 64313 (bitten by a mad horse); 73795 (bitten by a mad sheep).

dog 79952,3 (lost greyhound); 4215; 4119; 5845; 1636 (white bitch with blueish green collar with silver bells lost by Anne Fletcher, and 6 related cases); 46806 (as it were a great black dog came to her and lay in her lap); 53172 (RN’s dog).

cattle 5164; 19083; 11747; 45321 (taken on way to milk a cow) bewitched 21595 (2 calves strangely taken); 20484 (bewitched calf); missing, stolen, lost 12714; 21974 (stolen cattle; stolen sheep); 30122 (30 cattle stolen); 43116 (cow and calf stolen); 47586 (lost cattle); 34242 (stolen bullock; butcher suspected); 11062 (calf stolen; butcher suspected); injured by 18639 (tossed by a cow). See also search topic personal affairs/death and/or disease of animals.

horse 39974 (gelding sent to RN); 39277 (his man hurt his horse coming here); 72572 (horse cast him off into a pond); 65679 (whether his horse that runs for a cup on Thursday shall win); 70799 (riding in the dark stumbled and his horse broke its neck, he speechless ever since); 13729 (RN went into a pond to let his horse drink & it lay down & might have drowned him) bewitched 49245 (to death); bruise/blow/bite from 30010; 27148; 16525, 19209, 12446; 11810; 18182; 16752; 49347 (mad mare); fell from 79429 (fell from horse, bled from ears); 45502; 12302; 18703; 12446; 13384; 19034; 19099; 17983; 14799; 13701; 13361; 17424; 19882; 20700 fell on him 13577; 13578; lost or stolen 11759; 14215; 20414; 17326; 13866; 38842; 38843; 11242; 16372; 23431; 11481 (mare and gelding worth £30 lost); 19144 (mare and gelding lost); 40751; 9514 and 9530 (missing horse); 19773 (stolen mare); 20044 (colt lost); 20106 (stolen gelding); 35666 (missing mare); 11231 (3 geldings lost); 13490 (stolen or strayed); 12662 (stolen horse and mare); purchase/sale 39128; 41504 (RN); 16636 (purchased by RN); 32587 (RN horse purchase); 24882 (RN selling a gelding); 41317 (RN recommended for purchase); 43449 (RN prospective purchase of gelding) run over by 39879; 20630; sick 30481 (RN’s).

sheep 10991 (71 stolen sheep); 19554 (lost sheep); 20035 (stolen sheep); 16127 (2 lost sheep); 21803 (lost sheep); 31028 (lost a sheep worth 16s; and often before); 21974 (stolen cattle, stolen sheep); injured by 14904 (took a rush by a cade); wool 18639 (gathering); 17553 (the wool men had my wool and promised to send money); 49427 (bought wool from Goody Crowly and fell ill).


burned 38943 (book; accidentally with a candle); 12306 (Alice Kent’s child burned in the face); 49464 (bed; attempt to burn house, husband, child and self); 33573 (house and horses burned); 11753 (burn/scald); 57891 (in chart: burnt his face, thrust into the fire); witchcraft 48912 (hair and nail clippings); 9425 (urine); 17265 (rag with witches blood on it). See also, for burning in body, search topic medical/symptoms/burning and inflamed.

coin 719 (Portugue, swallowed); 2835 (a French Crown); 47525 (£5 in Jacobusses); 11671 (2 English Crowns).

cloth 11089 (a piece of holland); 11480 (82 yards lost from his mills); 32548 (100 yards stolen from a fuller); cloths for treatments 30804 (put it in a cloth and chew); 38479 (cerecloth); 38372 (poultices & cerecloths).

fell out 19797 (two of Napier’s servants); 4569 (SF asks how long before Dean Wood and Ferdinand fall out); 40462 (falling out between Elizabeth Gibbs and Elizabeth Soule); 23551 (fears he is bewitched since his father fell out with Joan Adams); 12711 (ever since their falling out has been evil handled); 14948 (fell out with an old woman); 73921 (fell out & since ill, daughter fell out with this child).

firearm 66438 (hurt his skull with a piece); 72611 (child of 2 years died by accident of a piece charged that killed it); 38367 (hurt with the recoiling of a piece).

garden 126; 665; 1179; 11801 (walking at night in her orchard); 19512 (he was blasted in a garden); 17935 (planet struck in her garden).

gifts/sent to astrologers 36331 (bewitched cheese; wine); 38226 (3 rabbits); 42048 (parrot); 40202 (ring as token); 11758 (wine); 5683 (ring with ruby as token); 19646 (hay); 19784 (venison); 14383 (carpet); 20806 (basket of apples); 24441 (fire stone); 47855 (a fat doe); 49987 (2 quails and 10 partridges); 28944 (dish of gudgeons); 49730 (pair of gloves and velvet mittens); 21682 (2 rabbits); 19646 (a load of hay); 39974 (gelding of 3 years); 14383 (a carpet); 11758 (wine); 39281 (basket of lemons); 59433 (James How, apprentice to Mr Fecknam of Turvey, gems, stone, bones, clocks & knifes, gave RN one of his own making).

lists 1706 (parties suspected); 5247 (paternity candidates for Bess Parker’s child); 6362 (list of members of household); Ash 229, 302r (skillful midwives); 49347 (people bitten by a mad mare); 42859 (suspected witches); 43679 (suspected witches); 44431 (suspected witches); 79115 (suspected witches).

miscellaneous 51934 (has done some desperate deed beyond the seas); 41868 (butcher so vexed and tormented by theft that he returns to confess it); 50385 (whether dissembling); 34242, 11062 (butchers suspected of stealing cattle); 17090 (wrestling); 33109 (news that the man that had RN’s watch was at Crowly); 67390 (lost watch); 28876 (football).

pub/inn names 1636 (Crutched friar); 1398 (Rainbow & the Shears in Southwark); 4100 (Unicorn in Cheapside); 1993 (Crown); 2179 (Three Kings); 7816 (Crown); 6362 (Fox); 11932 (The Swan of Two Necks); 27478 (The George); 2425 (The White Lion); 5232 (The Turk’s Head).

ships 2860 (The Griffen of Amsterdam; The Paradise of Amsterdam); 5810 (The Little John); 6456 (The Intente); 926, 1661 (The Lions Whelp); 2819 (The Greyhound); 4449 (The Rebecca); 4453 (The Neptune); 7678 (The Green Dragon); 228 (The Desire of Yarmouth). See also search topic personal affairs/business affairs/absent ship.

solitary 48749 (grew heavy hearted & solitary); 24451 (loves to be solitary); 20139 (refuses company).

volumes, physical attributes drawings 2209 (face with moles); 5715 (two faces); 9275 (face?); 9059 (sigil for Martha Shackleton); 3617 (sigil design sketches); Ash 413 225v (sigil drawings); [drawing of face in Forman’s nativities Ash 206, Elizabeth Webline 6/11/1578]; foolscap watermark Ash 415 inside cover, Ash 402 inside cover; Ash 201 facing inside cover; red ink 2179; 6105; 6108; 6109 diagrams 40494 (showing which direction the person has fled); Ash 413 86r (astrological speculum); marks Ash 234, 23r, v (yellow stain); patients’ writing 3497 (writes in book: ‘By me Lou Ball’); 26498 (note from patient inserted, including the instruction ‘you may tell this bearer how I must use the oil for hearing which you gave me whether I must take it hot or cold’).