Case 52582

Elizabeth Church of Castle Throp, 46 years. Saturday 2 June 1621, 8.30 am.
Was much troubled in her mind for one that she had loved long & ago who is now married & she meeting him of late told him that if her old husband dies that then she will marry him, but she meant it not as she told me because that his wife is living. Her husband is 80 years old & does whip her & scourge her black & blue egged on by his child. Casts all that she takes. Cannot rest nor sleep. Is somewhat wild & feels not the ground on which she goes. Troubled in her mind. Is much tempted by Satan that comes unto her in the likeness of a cat & tells her that Satan laboured to drown & to hang herself by Satan’s temptation.
[Left column. Treatment information.]
Teeth lost.
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Case 78046

Elynor Aylet of Magdalen Laver, 41 years. Wednesday 14 August 1633, 1 pm. Metuit veneficium [fears witchcraft].
[Right column] Since her last sending unto me has been troubled with the toothache & swelling in their faces. Troubled with dreams & other pains. & her teeth ache. & has lost a very good goose 3 weeks since & her horse was put into a close & was found dead in the morning. Her cattle ill or dead & others likely to die. Has changed the air & has been often worse abroad than at home.
[Left column] Her old serv[ant] maid. A fly came to Faith Sage & did so hit her in her face she saw it not but heard the wing of it. She dwells but a mile from her mistress. Cannot rest day. Cannot rest day nor night for 5 days.
Her cow died. Gave their dugs few [meaning unclear], cannot make her cheese to run.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 26180

Mistress Holland of London, 23 years at Hallowtide last. Tuesday 6 May 1606, 10.00 am. Taken first on Wednesday Easter week at night in her bed at 12 pm. A thing like a dog came upon her. Made her foam & skrike. She said she saw some ill thing in her bed coming to her like a cat or a dog as she lay with her husband that struck her with a dead palsy.
Was a very modest woman. Cares not what she says in this taking. Taken with a palsy all over her left side. Mopish in her wits by fits at an instant. Draws her arms & legs after her. Talks idly. Is with child & looks to be delivered about a month hence. A very good urine with some motes. A sudden flash & motion of the brain.
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Case 55321

Marge Glenister of Newport, 38 years. Saturday 30 November 1622, 11.25 am. At the latter end of harvest a magpie came into her house & did hang upon a painted cloth and of himself went out and presently did fly up into her loft and was never seen after. And [she] fell presently sick and did take a great cold and has a sore cough that her son 8 weeks {which} hath in a manner broken the skin of her belly and is very feeble and weak yet does not keep her bed. Still coughing.
Goody Howat suspected. Often abused and called witch. Sigil of tin. A red aguish water.
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Case 65953

[Frederick King, 4 years, of Bucknell.] Monday 28 April 1628, 10 am. Complained of a running up & down his legs arms ears & neck like a mouse & bite him by the prick. The child in the fit quakes & stamps. Taken so yesterday.
Aguish water.
[In chart] Quakes trembles. Cries out of mice running up & down his legs, arms, ears, neck.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 79953

For a greyhound lost of my Lord of Cumberland which broke loose in William Holman’s house in Water Lane. Thursday 2 January 1595, 8 am.
This dog after he broke loose he ran straight to Charter House which is right north north west from Water Lane. And from thence to Gray’s Inn Fields and there was taken up by a leather dresser the same day. And he sold the dog to a tapster for 5s. And the tapster did use to carry him out daily into Grays Inn Fields where the dog was espied by one that knows him.
Mercury lord of the 6th retrograde signifier of the dog. In 12 degrees in signal. Says the dog shall be had again because Sun is joined to the ascendant.
The distance between the dog now and the place from which he went is signified by distance of the ascendant between Saturn & Moon which is 25 minutes which signifies a mile and better. Under pars fortuna because it is in fixed signs & in angels.
[Case 79952 is a second question for the same dog, ‘found again the 9 of January in Grays Inn Fields.’]
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Case 20484

Luce Basell of Olney, 40 years. Sunday 28 February 1602, 4.40 pm.
Had not sickness till 8 or 10 weeks since. She cannot keep her meat ever since this sennet. Comes up shakes and burns with cold. Asks if she is pregnant. Urine of a mediocre colour.
[Right of chart] Jane Drubb did curse her, and presently had a calf that foamed and died. Beat hard against the ground. Taken grief and fear by the womb.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 75501

Joan Trapnell of Husband Crowley, a widow, 52 years. Saturday 15 September 1632, 3 pm. Her breasts will give no milk. Had a sigil of Jupiter & while she kept it her cow gave her 5 quarts now scarce one. I suppose that the putting of it off made her cow to pine.
She brought me two cakes.
1. Sigil of Jupiter 2 cakes.
2. A new sigil of Jupiter.
Mary Green suspected.
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Case 1636

John and Anne Fletcher on St Dunsten’s Hill. Questo Tuesday 3 May 1597, 9.40 am. Lost a little bitch on Sunday last with 6 silver bells about her neck & greenish & bluish velvet collar. Lost in the Crutched Friar at 4 pm on Sunday last. A white bitch, on each side a red spot. Red cheeks, red ears & white star in the forehead & all the hinder parts white.
It seems it is not far from here but in some neighbours house.
[Astrology. Including: Mercury should signify the party [that] took up the dog … signifies a brother or sister to take it … But Mercury gives virtue to Venus signifies the dog shall be give away.]
[Right of chart] Hester Carkor alias Fletcher in Wood Street at the Roebuck was met in Fleet Street the 4 of May between 5 & 6 of the night carrying the dog.
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Case 70332

Margaret Foster of Cardington, 18 years. Friday 26 March 1630, 1 pm.
Ill a fortnight afore Christmas with a wringing pain of her heart & chest & navel with extreme grippings by fits & does cast often times & is not well until she has casted. Never had them [menstruation]. Urine good.
[Treatment information.]
Elizabeth Millard suspect gave her drink once and never since well. & Also Alice Hyde suspected. Said that she had a ready faery. & Came to her in the likeness of a cock and a child. Easter Monday about 9 put on her sigil of Jupiter 8 am.
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Case 64872

Alice Lambert of Northampton, 21 years. Friday 2 November 1620, 11 am. 21 a month before midsummer last at 11 at night, Saturday.
Married a fortnight. Sleeps much & ill a week over with musing. Urine red & thick. She does skrike & says that there is a black crow.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 48188

Jeffery Hasker of Shenly, 38 years. Friday 5 February 1619, 12.39 pm. Much urine and thin. Argues [i.e. indicates] obstructions. He has taken much grief because his wife killed her child with beating & the Crown has set upon it. He fears that something did haunt his wife. Had lost her senses on a sudden. & this man thinks that he putting out his hand felt a thing like a cat. Complains of the reins of his back. Has a rising in his stomach.
[Left margin] Mind troubled.
[Treatment information.]
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Case 76604

Elizabeth Cox of Olney, 14 years. Thursday 7 March 1633, 9.30 am.
[In chart] Epilepsy of the matrix with convulsions. Foams.
[Below chart] Strangely handled that 5 or 6 can scarce keep her down. Talks that she sees some woman & that a cat appears.
Was 2 years since handled & the witch was searched & the woman committed & died in prison & has [breaks off]. She had a vomit & wrought well.
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Case 75269

Richard Read of Alderton, 21 years. Bitten in the hand with a mad dog. Bitten on Sunday. Another boy John Dawson of Alderton, 8 years bitten with a mad dog Wednesday last. John Dawson washed with salt & brine & did eat of the liver.
1 Cup him thrice with scarification
2 Garlic herb of gare(?) salt treacle. Apply it & drink of the same for a week’s space.
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Case 14265

Gryphen Crocker of Little Kymble, 60 year. Saturday 3 December 1603, 9.50 am. His eyesight failed him by little he knows not how. His ground is haunted & treasure is hid there as the report goes. There is heard much music & melody. This Gryphen Crocker has seen lights. The parson of Elsborough 16, 17, 18 years since delivered a note out of a book unto Henry Ginger that now dwells at Wigginton in Hertfordshire, an old man of 80 years. As follows: Elsborough church & Little Kymble church of the right side of the way even against the castle hill there lies of gold & silver & jewels, brass & pewter. A wain load laid in by lord Everet Knotsby & his man at the conquest. This was all that was delivered him in a note, which he lost, willing him to enquire further for he himself saw often a great light which has been seen since by many since his death. & sometimes there will appear a thing like a black hog & very lately seen a white cat with a marvellous long & great tail which ran into a pond. Music heard lately by Crockwell & his wife & children. Henry Ginger within those 2 years when some came to seek this treasure saw a white bullock without ears & horns. & others saw a fair gentlewoman. A lion, an antelope, a friar with a grey cloak cast upon his shoulders. But none could find the treasure.
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Case 56863

Edward Cleaver of Stoe of 9 churches, 50 years. 9 August 1623, 7.00 am. Was present.
Jane Parbery suspected who confessed that she had a puppy did suck her a twelvemonth since & better after he had said god be thanked for his food. An ill motion came into his mind saying ‘kisse myne arse’. & since daily tempted ever after his praying then an ill motion comes into his hart to say Sir head giddy & when he is over calling & praying to god then he is sorely tempted with profane & ungodly thoughts & sometimes with an inward smiling & laughing in his heart. [Treatment information, including vomiting lozenges, a purge, a pomander about his neck.] His motions in his seeming doe rise from his fundament upward. Urine very aguish.
[Treatment information.]
[Next page] Tempted with ill thoughts against god & a continually crying. Urine aguish. Continually praying & still tempted with profane & unreverent thoughts against god which do mightily torment him. Cannot rest nor follow any business. His ill motions do seem to arise from his fundament. Has had 2 vomiting lozenges, one purge & 4 a pomander. Was 7 times let blood in one year.
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Case 15411

Sibill Fisher of Cokenho, 24 years. Monday 1 August 1603, 12.15 pm.
[In chart] Light headed.
Light headed, laughs but at first took it with a weeping. Looks ghastly. A fleering [grimacing] look sets her teeth. One night did nothing but swear and curse.
[Top right of page] Sibill Fisher she knows not of her husbands coming for her, knows nobody. They bind her hands and feet. When she is loose she is so strong that they cannot deal with her. Sings idle songs. Desires to dance. She had 2 midwives. The first unskilful. The 2 forward & would not meddle with her because she was not first sent for, suspected to be a witch. The woman well layed, but a week after fell into these fits & at first speaking of her 2 midwives said what did you there with your black hen & such like speeches.
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Case 21595

Joan Spark of Blunnam, 32 years. Tuesday 16 October 1604, 11. 25 am. Had 6 children. Was delivered a Monday last fortnight of a boy which is well.
Sometimes well, & she talks idly of the devil altogether & says fondly that she has given her self to the devil & would make her self away. This last night took a garter to do it. In her fits will not talk. Has very strange fits & does fear least some ill has happened to her. Fears a bad woman that used to curse them. Had 2 calfs strangely taken. Cannot sleep.
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Case 29221

Joan Broadbrok of Weston Underwood, 40 years. Married. Friday 14 June 1605, 6.45 am. Tempted by an ill spirit. Thinks she has an ill spirit within her. The spirit tells her that he will burn her & drown her & seems to speak within her. A great rising in her stomach. Will take nothing. Cannot sleep at all. Mind much distempered this 7 years worse than others. Thinks her children to be rats & mice. Head throbs. Six weeks since.
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Case 28690

William Stoe of the parish of Parsnam, 43 years. Thursday 18 April 1605, 9.25 am. Head feet & toes. Short-winded.
[In chart] Fears morbus gallicus.
Looks as if he had the jaundice. Faint at his stomach. Much grief from time to time. Had a wife long sick who died after much physic. Lost much cattle which died. Had the plague in his house. 2 child died. Himself had it with heavings under his throat with red spots in his hands & legs. Never well since.
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Case 79115

Mrs Eleanor Aylet of Magdalen Laver in Essex, 43 years. Wednesday 9 July 1634, 7.45 am. Came her self. July 9 Wednesday 7.45 am 1634. Suspects witchcraft.
[Chart.] [Astrology.]
Elizabeth Spacy in high rowding near Anthrop Hall.
Richard Pavitt & his wife Rebecca of Leaden Roading
Parnel Sharp
Anne Matthew of Harlow
Jeffrey Holmes & Joan & her Mother Joan Dowsett
Very much troubled in her head & a dazzling in her eyes. Fumes ascending from the stomach causing those distempers. Urine good but with a great white sediment. Aches with a weak back.
[In margin] Rheumatic, subject to cholic & phlegm.
Troubled many times with a flushing heat. Yet of a pale complexion. Fainting many times by fits which takes her from the soles of her feet to the crown of her head. Sometimes more vehemently than others. Sleeps not well. Sometimes costive. Was taken so ill first in child bed & yet hath had 9 children since. Was ill before the death of her first husband who was an Aylett too. Witchery suspected. Husband, daughter & her self & her cattle that they can neither make butter nor cheese, it smells very ill.
[Charm/treatment note: orao. dne ora ante venificiu & that any thing.]
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Case 79097

Mrs Eleanor Aylett of Magdalen Laver 10 June 1634, 8.00 am.
Has been sorely tormented & vexed with a company of witches her self, her son & her cattle, & is at this time very sorely handled & fears they will work her end. Her cows give her very puddles of milk as good as nothing at some times good milk & then afterwards very puddles. & the cows are very sick & are often times troubled about the yard. In the beginning she is very hot then a flushing burning. Then soon after very cold again. Something comes a fly roaring & buzzing about her.
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Case 79174

Mrs Eleanor Aylett of Magdalen Leaver. Tuesday 7 October, 1634, 9.45 am. For her self & her child. She sent hither the 22nd of September.
1.Taken with a fainting fit & a chillness. Pained in her teeth & a flushing all over her body. Her cattle grow dry & give not so much milk as they used to do. Suspects Elizabeth Spacy most.
2. Her child which is 5 years old has a sore grown upon her back which does run & has been thus this month. Desires something for it.
3. Her son which is 6 years old was taken in the night & his eyelids drawn away & diverse little knobs like warts on his eye lids. Was very well when he went to bed & was disfigured in one night.
There was a match propounded her for her daughter & it brake off again. Now there is another offered & desires to know the issue whether it will be good to harken to it or no.
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Case 46806

Agnys Butresse of Fænystratford, 24 years. Saturday 6 June 1618, 4.00 pm. Makes grievous moan for her senses cannot follow any business. Went to drown herself last Monday but she returned & said that he would not; & praised God that she had escaped it. A bad tongue feared. Give her in Gods holy name a thing to hang about her neck.
[Next page] A year since had a Sigil on her neck & all spent took it off her neck & lay it in the floor & then as it were a great black Dog came to her & lay in her lap.
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Case 19083

Grace Hall of Faeny Stratford 26 years. Wednesday 25 March 1601, 9.30 am.
With child. Pained in her head. Doubts she is bewitched. Would not take what I sent her. Cries out. She is bewitched. Light headed. Has no sense nor care to do anything. She tells everyone that comes to her that her child that died, her cattle, & now her self is bewitched. Goody Bricknell suspected.
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Case 79335

Mrs Joan Prescott of the Priory in Kimbolton parish, 65 years. Sunday 24 May 1635, 12.45 pm.
Suspects herself to be under an ill tongue. Without any just cause given on her part. Has a suspicion of two persons viz of one Ann Hart & widow Wardbois of Kimbolton parish in the county of Huntington. But most especially of the said Ann Hart being a woman of a bad conversation in reviling, cursing, swearing & so noted by her neighbours for that divers of her neighbours have suspected her to be the only occasion of the loss of their several goods as horses, cows, calfs, pigs & hens, ducks.
She is very much tormented in her body both inwardly in her bowels by pricking & pulling & gnawing & pricking at her heart & sometimes outwardly all over her body sometimes in her head & then in her eyes, shoulders, arms, hands, thighs, knees, legs & no place free & sometimes reasonable well & then comes again & thus she has been this 10 weeks. Has taken much physic & wrought reasonable well with her. But yet she continues as ill as ever. Sleeps indifferent well now often yet heretofore could not sleep well. Is troubled many times taken with a rising up to her thro[at] even ready to stop her. Urine very good. Body very costive. Much troubled with wind.
[Treatment information.]
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