Case 68796

Mistress Joan Plot of Dunstable, 36 years. Saturday 29 June 1629, 1 pm.
Brought abed this day 5 weeks.
[In chart] Her conscience sorely tormented about her child that died a year since. Imagination so depraved that no counsel will serve.
[To right of chart] Brought abed 5 weeks since.
Took a grief for a child of 4 years old that died.
Despairs of her salvation because that she said if he die let him die. This thought troubles her mind. Cares not for her husband nor child but goes into a corner to weep. Waxes mopish.
[Left column] Covetous to have [or save?] [ward?] & neighbours. Nurses a child.
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Case 48912

Mistress Audley of Sandy, 25 years. Monday 7 June 1619, 5.47 am. She died the Wednesday following.
[In chart] She died. The witch since is cast into Bedford jail.
Brought abed a fortnight since. She dreamed that she must not nurse her own child. Cruelly tormented & has little use of her senses in her fits. & cries how how [sic] a woman suspected. Who, upon burning of her hair & paring of her nails burnt in the fire, the woman suspected came in presence but they did nothing to her.
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Case 37961

[Bottom right of page] Elizabeth Seabrook of Willing, 31 years. Saturday 27 April 1611, 10.45 am.
Lies in a fortnight today.
Robert Layton’s wife & she brought abed all in one day. Layton’s wife in the forenoon being in the morning about sun rising. & Elizabeth Seabrook in the afternoon about 3. Seabrook’s child will not suck her but will suck any else in the town & Layton’s child will take Seabrook’s milk.
[Bottom left of page] Goody Seabrook of Willing & has had 2 more that never would take her breasts but now nursed elsewhere & died both. It did suck Friday was sennet although not willing.
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Case 62500

Mistress Ellen Ball of Northampton, 30 years. Tuesday 30 May 1626, 4 pm.
In childbed 3 weeks Sunday last at 3 in the morning.
Has been formerly troubled with the evil faint & had the king’s evil breaking out in her eyes & [was?] cured. Lost one [gap].
Her 7th child would gladly [gap] suckle it but her husband fears it will hurt her head & [gap] & weaken [gap]. Her urine good. Has an ague [gap] her 6 w[eeks] & cannot rest.
Is grown [gap]. Apt to catch her eye [gap] at one time then another. [Added above the line] & pained.
Eyebright water
Fennel water [gap].
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Case 35006

Mistress Mary Crowly of Harlington, 26 years. Monday 27 March 1609, 1 pm.
4 children the youngest a quarter [of a year] old & she does suckle it.
Suckles. Has no terms.
[In chart] A disquiet of the mind.
[Left margin] No joy of anything.
Tempted with many idle thoughts suddenly to stab either herself or others. & tempted [leaves off]
Took a conceit about a sennet & since fallen again into her old passions of melancholy sadness.
White & fully faced.
Fully faced.
Was troubled with such fancies in her conscience 15 years since.
5s given.
Not sick in stomach & yet has no stomach.
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Case 57815

Mr Hatch for his child a year old. Wednesday 3 March 1624, 11 am.
[In chart and then across page] Her convulsions suddenly ceased upon the moment departing from London & since fallen into one side. Taken in one side.
[In chart] Dead on the right side.
[Left of chart, sideways, note to look on 26 Feb.]
Urine little white & thick being cold.
Used the pomander & the cord[ial?] lozenges.
It fell into her neck the fountain of the humours & has no sense nor motion of the right side.
Understanding indifferent. Sucking & eating indifferent well.
The gentlewoman that gives her suck has for these three weeks had her courses which do yet continue & make her sickly & knows not whether she had a mischance. Do fear her sucking to hurt the child. Would know my opinion & what diet drink Mistress Elizabeth might take & what physic & whether they should bring down the child.
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Case 75501

Joan Trapnell of Husband Crowley, a widow, 52 years. Saturday 15 September 1632, 3 pm. Her breasts will give no milk. Had a sigil of Jupiter & while she kept it her cow gave her 5 quarts now scarce one. I suppose that the putting of it off made her cow to pine.
She brought me two cakes.
1. Sigil of Jupiter 2 cakes.
2. A new sigil of Jupiter.
Mary Green suspected.
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Case 23738

Anne Syred of Monkes Riseborough, 26 years. Thursday 28 July 1614, 9.15 am. Married.
[In chart] Frantic & mad. Distracted.
Urine indifferent but somewhat high coloured.
Mopish & distracted since Friday night & not before. Very froward & much dejected by reason of her sins. Has had 3 children, youngest about half a year & sucks. Yesterday they had much ado to keep her: & called them devils and rated all & was wonderful ill for two hours. Cries out of her sins. Desires to lie on the ground. Head very light.
1. Tab. 5 pence 12.
2. From the cephalic vein 8 ounces.
3. Extract of opium 2 and a half quarters.
Diasc. 1 dram. Syrup of poppy 1 ounce. Water of violets 2 ounces.
From the sapherous vein 7 ounces.
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Case 66414

Alice Shepheard of Stukeley, 38 years. Friday 20 June 1628, 1.00 pm.
Has had 10 & seven died. They live a month & then die. Utrum malef sit passa [whether witchcraft is suffered]. 7 dead & 3 living 7 boys & 3 wenches.
A sanguine complexion. Youngest child a week old & she does suckle it. Put them to nurse for her milk does not agree with them. Some live a year some 3 years. Some half a year some less. Suspects some bad body.
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