Case 42629

Elisabeth Leach of Caucot otherwise Caldecote, 43 years. Wednesday 8 November 1615, 9 am.
Quaerit an sit gravida necne [asks whether she is pregnant or not]. Has been bigger & bigger ever since midsummer & is grown bigger and bigger as a woman great with child. & yet has her terms every month. Has a few. Her breasts leak. Very desirous to know whether she have not a tympany bred on her.
Much troubled with wind & great pain in the lower part of her belly.
Did vomit with [?] last night. Complains of her back. Share very sore. Breasts leak.
[Astrology, including conclusion that she’s not pregnant.]
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Case 63064

The Countess of Sussex. Frances Suite by her former husband but by her father Mutes. 38 years. Thursday 9 November 1626, 2 pm. The Earl her husband.
[In chart] Nothing continued neither could I pleasure her. Omni pess[im]um ibant. All things turned out for the worse. Nothing prospered.
[Astrology.] Supposes that she is now [with] child. Married 2 years & 3 quarters & always supposed that she had been with child but was not yet. Had milk in her breast. Had one daughter by her first husband. Supposes that her husband & she are hurt by ill tongues. Has them every month indifferent but watery. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks whether pregnant].
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Case 34941

Phillip Eason of Stony Stratford, 28 years. Tuesday 21 March 1609, 2.20 pm. Pained at her heart, chest & breast with pricking. Best fasting. Was 10 weeks without them [menses] & had them. Next Saturday will be a month & then had them three days together in great store[?]. Married six [years]. Had two children at a birth last Magdalene tide one stillborn & the other lived a day & then died. Purges will not work downward but upward. Had a child three years last Allhallowtide & was here & had physic about March & proved with child & was half delivered & the child lives. This woman never had her sickness at all until she was delivered. Never had them neither before she was married nor that year neither until she was delivered. At that time had a vomit & was let blood in both feet & yet did well. A thin white water. Very ill after & used to be costive. Eating. Quaerit an sit gravida [asks whether she is pregnant].
[Left of chart] Very sick after meat & was fain to go to bed.
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Case 75501

Joan Trapnell of Husband Crowley, a widow, 52 years. Saturday 15 September 1632, 3 pm. Her breasts will give no milk. Had a sigil of Jupiter & while she kept it her cow gave her 5 quarts now scarce one. I suppose that the putting of it off made her cow to pine.
She brought me two cakes.
1. Sigil of Jupiter 2 cakes.
2. A new sigil of Jupiter.
Mary Green suspected.
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Case 12847

Elizabeth Carter of Cranfield, 43 years. 14 years since had a child. Monday 26 November 1599, 10.15 am. Never well since she bred two twins & one died. Pained in her breast.
[In chart] Bewitched.
Elizabeth Carter’s water passing good. Fears that her pain came which is all over her body & was in her nipples out of which pulled out black thorns & prickels at sundry times & this she thinks came to her by some evil tongue as her first husband’s toe did rot by the same means.
Heavy in her body & belly & her tongue pained. Cannot sleep.
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Case 42054

Cicely Cowden of Newport, 15 years. Saturday 24 June 1615, 5.20 pm.
At this time her laughing frantic fits began. She went to see a dead woman & two hours or 3 hours after fell frantic mad & laughs. Slept soundly yesterday night. Some think it may be bred because she has a mother. Something frantic at some times of the year. Some think it comes by her breasts swelling which did issue & now are stopped.
Antimony 4 quarters. Conserve half an ounce.
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