Case 46577

Judith Honour, his wife of Milton Harnesse, 45 years. Thursday 7 May 1618 4 pm.
Married 23 years. Never had any terms at all in her life time & therefore no child. Fully faced, complexion sanguine. Twice let blood on foot in diverse places & is never sick but they lie in her back & legs & make her to go halting. So a long time.
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Case 13646

Elizabeth Fawnes of Cranfield, 29 years. Tuesday 5 April 1603, 11.12 am.
[In chart] Troubled with the reds & whites. Much grief.
A patch of white matter grew in her urine, otherwise being of good colour. Married 14 years, never had child. Has taken much grief by reason her husband, the parson of Cranfield, has been long in law and has been s[o] much smayed. Has the whites that trouble her much & has the other that follow her exceedingly. A tall visage & of white paleish complexion. Asks whether she shall have children & the cause of her barrenness.
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Case 6211

Susan Sanders of Hackney, 36 years. 19 October 1599, 3.15 pm. Mack Williams’s daughter by Mary Chekes.
[Left margin] Look 5 November.
[Astrology.] Whether she shall have any more children. Any more husbands. & whether she shall live to enjoy him that does best deserve her.
She shall live to enjoy her beloved and it seems her husband will die in December next by drunkenness & then shall she marry him she loves if she will & have by him 2 children a boy & a maid but shall miscarry of the maid.
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Case 6280

Mary Goddard the daughter of Andrew Clark & Joan. She dwells at Westminster in Gardeners Lane, 28 years the Thursday before Christmas next. She has been married two years. The wife of John Goddard, pinner. Question whether she shall have any children or no. & when. & what is the cause, she has none. & whether the fault be in her or her husband. Question Monday 5 November 1599, 8.15 am.
She must pay 5s. Re[ceived] 12d.
It is overmuch dryness of her matrix is the cause. She has no children for she has not her courses well & her husband is dry also. Prepare & purge twice.
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Case 6490

Anne Tymcok, 31 years. Monday 17 December 1599, 1.20 pm. Diz [the nature of the disease]. Whether she shall ever have any child. It is of Jupiter in Leo, Moon separating from Mercury. Has her course well but watery. Her husband’s nature agrees not with her.
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Case 6494

Anne Tymcok, 31 years. Monday 17 December 1599, 1.20 pm. Whether she shall have any children or no.
It seems she shall conceive twice. But she may bring one child with much ado into the world. The other will perish & not come to life. Her husband’s nature does not agree with her. They are both dry. Let her rectify her body well. And her husband also for the greatest fault is in the man.
And it seems she shall have a child by some other man and not by her husband.
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Case 7257

Joan Corden, 32 years. Thursday 24 April 1600, 10.50 am. Diz [the nature of the disease]. By the Beargarden. A chandler. And whether she shall ever have any more children.
It is of Saturn in Libra, Moon separating from Sun. She is not sick nor well. Pain, stomach, head, back, belly of melancholy.
Whether she shall have any more children. Whether she shall have any more husbands & whether her friend will continue faithful unto her. William Corden of 2 years her husband. John Banister of 30 her friend. And whether she shall ever marry him.
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Case 51150

Mrs. Mary Talbot of Saldon, 20 years last Michaelmas. Friday 30 June 1620, 4.4[5] pm.
[In chart] Late abortion.
Has had 3 false conceptions & this last on Wednesday morning with great pain & travail & many throes nothing but a bla[dder] & nothing in it. Has never but [a] few. Used much fasting & also a sparing diet. Enquires the ca[use] & what remedy.
[Left margin] Has no proportion or shape of a carrot [?]. Apt to conceive.
The matrix too cold. Full of raw & [in binding] humours that hinder [or] corrupt it.
The first had as it were a pig’s bladder blown a little water & the [in binding] like an afterbirth with some clots [?].
[Next page] Whether this defect proceeds not as well from the husband as the wife. By reason there wants only the shape. Thought good to go to the spa for them both & what I think thereof. What best for diet & hereafter what physic & for the present whether condiment, electuary or lozenges.
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